Yaguchi Mari Announces Photobook Titled “CECILBOOK”

12 01 2011

Yaguchi Mari announced on her blog that the title of her next photobook is called “CECILBOOK“.

The photobook is named after the clothing brand Mari used which is Cecil McBee. Mari also wears the brand as stated in the blog post so not only is she taking pictures for work she’s also wearing clothing from someone she’s familiar with which is a plus. I’m not familiar with the brand but after looking through some Google images I’m looking forward to seeing Mari’s photobook. I like a lot of the outfits and I’m asuming that Mari will be using something similar to what I found.

Here’s a translation of what she announced on her blog:

CECIL’s a brand that I’ve been wearing for a long time, so I was really happy. They had me change into a bunch of different outfits~ CECILBOOK will be out around February, so I’m a little early, but please go look at it!

Hopefully all fans support Mari and buy a copy when it’s released.

The release date is somewhere during February.

Yaguchi Mari’s Blog




One response

12 01 2011

I’m from Cecil County, so the name is kinda creepy XD

But Yagucchin having another PB sounds really nice, so I hope she had lots of fun of those that buy it enjoy <3

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