S/mileage – “Short Cut” HQ Covers Released

12 01 2011

Top (left to right): Regular, Limited A, Limited B

Bottom (left to right): Limited C, Limited D


The covers for S/mileage’s 4th single titled Short Cut have been released immediately in HQ.

All of the covers are impressive to say the least since they each have a unique theme with different poses from the girls and different outfits (Regular has the single’s casual outfits, Limited B and C have one same outfit as well as Limited C and D), and they all combine perfectly for these amazing covers.

The regular cover is one of the most eye-catching since it represents a shot of the girls outside on green grass wearing the single’s outfits while holding arms and acting cutely, and this is a really great thing to see since fans who can’t buy any Limited edition CD will get a wonderful regular edition.

The Limited A cover features a unique montage of different pictures of the girls, while 4 frames with pictures of them are at the center, and the many group pictures all around those frames make the cover really pop and attractive.

The Limited B features a unique pose of S/mileage joining hands together in front of the camera while the blue sky behind them contrasts wonderfully with their bright expressions and blue clothes, and even though Kanon might look a bit awkward in this shot, it’s still a gorgeous picture.

The Limited C cover represents another frame of all the girls with sand behind them (so it’s safe to say that they are at th beach) wearing the same outfits as in Limited B, and even though it might look simple, the whole theme along with the cute smiles of each girl make it the most calm and serene cover from all.

Finally, the Limited D cover must be the most attractive since it represents a shot of S/mileage in different outfits than the first 2 limited editions while walking on a lovely street holding hands and turning their heads towards the camera, and they did an amazing job with keeping the title in the corner since it doesn’t distract from the amazing picture of the girls.

Overall, all the covers are really impressive and my favorites must be the regular and Limited D, since they all have a bright and energetic theme, and the title art is making a great job not distracting from the pictures.

The release date is set for 2/9.

natalie.mu article with the covers




5 responses

12 01 2011

Wow Nice covers, i hope the single sell Well!

12 01 2011

Whoever did these needs to do MM’s. Ahh~
But anyway… this is really cool.

12 01 2011

Uwaaa~h XD
I really like this cover!!! ( ^___^ )
It seems so simple and energetic~
It don’t have much accesories, but it looks cute~
Love the limited A, regular, and limited D covers ( >W< )

13 01 2011

Awwh! I love these! They look so cute and they just shows their friendship *~*
And most of all… They’re all different!! It’s not like other covers where just one thing like the backround colour changes or the way their arm is positioned but the members are in the same formation. The only thing that I find weird is that the covers remind me of summer. XD

14 01 2011

These covers are my favorite ones from all covers I have ever seen!!
They show their friendship and are really, really cute <3

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