Official H!P English/French Blog Opened

12 01 2011

An official H!P/UFA blog in English and French titled UP-FRONT LINK has been opened. The blog has been verified by the official H!P site.

I’m really surprised to see that UFA decided to open up a blog with updates from UFA in English and French since I would have never guessed that they would open up a Blogger account to post about news for fans outside of Japan, but I’m glad that they did since it makes it somewhat easier for fans who don’t know Japanese that well to read updates directly from UFA.

According to the site the blog is maintained by someone called Phil who is living in Japan, and while there hasn’t been much info posted (apart from the Morning Musume 9th generation members and Takahashi graduation) I’m glad to see that he knows English and French and will be posting in both languages so that many fans around the world can understand.

For the most part we don’t know what kind of info the blog will contain, but I would guess that he will post about recent general news for the main artists from H!P in order to give fans an introduction to the wide variety of artists that they offer, although it isn’t clear if it will contain up-to-date news as they happen directly from UFA since the blog is still relatively new.

Hopefully we get to find out what kind of updates the blog will offer since it seems like an interesting and fun way for UFA to connect with English and French speaking fans, and while the design is still somewhat simple I look forward to seeing any improvements or news that the site may contain in the future.

Official Up Front Link Site (English)

Official Up Front Link Site (French)

Official H!P Site Confirmation



9 responses

12 01 2011

i’m not so surprise with their decision to open up a blog..
but i’m surprise for big company like them using blogspot for something ‘official’ >__<

oh well~~ put that aside, it's better than nothing~~

12 01 2011

(i prefer your blog for that) lol

It´s great, they are thinking in international fans ^^

12 01 2011

I agree. Haha. I’ll be staying here.

14 01 2011

Thank you, I’m glad to hear that ^_^

14 01 2011

I’m really glad that you prefer my blog, but I don’t really think the UF Link blog will post news about H!P, so far they have just done a post a day with a small comment about every performer ^_^

Thank you very much though! ^o^

12 01 2011

Wow that helps so much!!
I’m so happy they thoight of doing it in French too! (easier for me LOL)!!

12 01 2011

What did not launch the Arabic blog
Yours is a great blog
And you show your opinion and everything that’s great
I like to always introduced
And I like to vote so I voted for Tokunaga Chinami
And I translate your news for Arabic
So I enjoy a lot and I translating

14 01 2011

Thank you very much for your support ^o^

14 01 2011

I’m glad UFA opened two official blogs in English and French.
But I do hope that Phil can come up with a better layout for the banner.

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