Goto Maki – “Ashiato” Full PV Released

12 01 2011

The full PV for Goto Maki’s Ashiato has been released.

For the most part the PV has many different scenes featuring Goto walking around a plaza, on a street at night, and many other settings as well as scenes of her singing in the same settings and a couch.

Apart from the many scenes there is also many different outfits for the PV, to name a few: a black jacket with a fur lining, a cheetah pattern blazer and a hat, as well as a gray colored sweater and a fur hat.

When I saw the preview a few months ago I was really impressed with the amount of outfits we saw in the relatively short preview, but seeing the full PV I am amazed at the amount of variety in the outfits and the many different scenes they included since it must have taken quite a lot of effort from Goto to do all of the different scenes of her singing for a 4 minute long PV.

There are so many different outfits that at the end of the PV there is a special thanks to those who provided the clothing, a total of 14 different labels, which is impressive since H!P PVs usually have only a few outfits designed by H!P designers, although the constant changes in outfits is a bit distracting since there is a large amount of variety (an advantage in a disadvantage in a way since you tend to focus more on what she is wearing on the rapid changing scenes than on her).

The PV doesn’t have that much of a storyline, there are basically four types of scenes: Goto singing while on a couch, walking around a sunny plaza, singing while resting against a wall and walking at night on a sidewalk but the different outfits and angles add a lot of variety and make the PV interesting from start to finish.

Overall the PV is amazing since it features a large variety of scenes, angles, and outfits that do a great job of showing off the ballad feeling of the song, and while the constant changes of outfits might be a bit too distracting sometimes I liked the way they added casual scenes instead of a flashy stage since we got to see Goto laughing and smiling in a natural way (most notably at the end of the PV where she laughs while playing air guitar on the couch).

Hopefully fans get to watch it before the PV is gone since Avex is well known for taking down their material fast.

Video uploaded by: YunaKumi77




5 responses

12 01 2011

I love this PV simce it has many different scenes.
Gocchin’s voice is great ((:

Gambatte Gocchin

12 01 2011

I’m really enjoying the career of Maki Goto in Avex! Ashiato is a amazing song and the PV looks very pretty too!
I really wanna see Ai-chan in Avex when she graduated!

12 01 2011

gocchin !! :D the pv preview was awesome :D glad the full pv is out :D

well if this one is taken down.. avex sure has the pv on their channel

12 01 2011

Woah. Never seen Avex upload a full PV in AGES o.o Always only 2minutes of it o.o

12 01 2011

Avex didn’t upload it, it was a fan ^_^;

The album was released and it contained the full PV so they probably got it from there.

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