S/mileage – “Short Cut” PV released

11 01 2011

The PV for S/mileage’s 4th single titled Short Cut has been released.

There are two scenes in the PV, one in a hair saloon called Salon dream and the other on the moon with a view of the Earth. The dance routine seems quite simple, and I didn’t notice any hard-to-do moves, which might be explained by their unusual flower outfit which is kind of hard to dance in.

The title art is also really eye-catching since it is first written in a futuristic font probably for the version on the moon, below it it’s written on a saloon’s banner representing 4 heads with the 4 colors of the members in short hair (for the saloon) and lastly their usual name.

In the salon scene, the eye-catching action must be Yuuka and Ayaka actually having their hair cut, which is quite nice to see since we see them going from long to short, and the cute part must be where the hairstylist asks the girls “Minna no Yume wa Nani?” (What does everyone dream about) and S/mileage respong in speak bubbles that contain drwaings of each one of the girls (although Saki responds in a dream bubble), and each bubble is colored in the member’s color.

In the second scene, S/mileage act really cutely while wanting to take pictures, plant their flag that represents their famous logo on the moon and playing with rocks that seem gravity-free, and their outfits really make them stand out in this unusual place. The funny thing is that in all the preview, I noticed that Saki doesn’t appear not even once in the close-up vers. for the casual outfits but her high note at the end makes up for the loss.

Overall, the PV really boosted the song and made it more attractive, and both the outfits and the songreally impressed me in this video.

The release date is set for 2/9.

Video uploaded by: smileagechannel



17 responses

11 01 2011

First Comment!

WOW, YuukaSaki Lead? 0_0 I like this couple lead XD

11 01 2011

Me moooore specially Saki (A) <3
My dear Saki forever!! <3

11 01 2011


I guess this is s/milage’s “image”, that bob hair cut! :3

I think its adorable! :D

RANDOM: Even though im growing my hair out now, Last year I cut my hair to a bob haircut when Yajima Maimi suddenly had her hair cut short for C-ute’s Shocking PV.

11 01 2011

I’m not really sure how I like the song right now, but I really love the pv. I was so shocked by Yuuka’s short hair! It’s really cool that they put that in the pv. :)

11 01 2011

First I didn’t like at all that they cut their hair, but now that I saw this I really like their new haircut. S/mileage rules and won’t stop ^^
I think that it is really cool that we see Yuuka’s hair beeing cut!!! :D

11 01 2011

I LOVE THIS PV!!!!!!! *U*
yeah, at first I didn’t like that they all had their hair cut but after seeing this I really like it now!!~ (Plus I have short hair too xDDDD)

11 01 2011

PV looks pretty decent. Song sounds quite god, although I personally feel they haven’t released anything that tops Yumemiru Fifteen yet.

11 01 2011

I actually agree with you on that..
Everytime I listen to Yume Miru 15 I get an amazing feeling with all the vocals and the amazing music
The other singles aren’t bad but not as good :)

11 01 2011

I love this song so much! It’s so cute!
I didn’t notice that the Saki casual close-ups were missing until you pointed it out.. Hmmm..
I’m so glad Dawa can keep her hair in a ponytail. <3 I wanna see it down more than what was in the PV though.

12 01 2011

Dawa’s signature hairstyle seems to be the ponytail and it’s cool to see her keeping it.
Also i noticed Saki’s missing cuz i was waiting for the close-up and didnt see it :(

11 01 2011

OMG it was soo cutee :)
im very happy
i wasn’t sure about the song at first, but i never am before i see the pv with any group:P
s/mileage dosen’t fail to dissapont!!!
top 5 in oricon charts (yn)

12 01 2011

This was really good!!!
They look more childish since the others hot their hair cut.
But I love it ^^

12 01 2011

PV is great! I like the way the video starts at a hair salon and I can’t believe Yuukarin’s long hair had cut to short (because the single’s title is “Shortcut”? ^_^;)

But, when I listened to the song, I only hear the background music and the girls serving as BG vocals (even though at one time, I heard Fukuda sang a line). I didn’t finish watching it. But, hopefully I want to really hear them singing when I watch their PV again. Arigatou~! =3♥

~ ella =3♥

12 01 2011

Now I’ve watch the hold PV 0_0 … I think this is Everyone-lead =.= Sorry for being wrong XD

12 01 2011

Ypu’re not wrong at all S/mileage always had equal line distribution so Yuuka and Saki may have differed by 1 line or so :)

12 01 2011

I don’t know… because I’ve counted and every one have equal lines~! Or maybe not Obviously? At first I thought Ayaka and Yuukarin were the leads XD

13 01 2011

You know, on the HQ photos of the profile pics all the skirts look really different. In this PV all I see is Dawa’s RED skirt o.o’ It stands out so much, it ends up being bassically the only thing I can keep my focus on Dx

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