Kikkawa Yuu- “Fuyuzora Hanabi” LQ Preview Released

10 01 2011

A preview of “Fuyuzora Hanabi” performed by Kikkawa Yuu, a song used as a part of her opening act has been released.

I’m kind of surprised at how many songs she’s released in such a short amount of time. So far she’s done about 3 songs in about a week and all of them are “new and original” songs. She’s also just the opening act for the H!P concert soI had only expected her to be performing one song but it turns out that UFA is planning something different.

Anyways a very LQ preview of her new song has been released. From what I hear I like it, Kikka’s strong voice stands out but it’s hard to hear because it sounds like the person recording is too close to the speaker and it just sort of jumbles up the sound. Plus the fans clapping/chanting makes it hard to hear the instrumental. Regardless of that this song follows the same pattern as the last two, it’s a mature-serious type of song and to me it seems like they put a few high notes in there to challenge Kikka,which she has no problem hitting.

I’m unsure what UFA’s plans are regarding the releases, there’s no information saying if they will release these songs as a mini album or single etc. but I do know that Kikka said in a post that she wants to “create” songs with fans. In a way by releasing new songs at a concert fans take part in the creation of the song, since it’s new fans can dance/chant/sing to it [the song] however they interpret. So I’m taking a guess that Kikka may only be releasing her songs at concert events. I’m hoping that’s not the case because I would love to see a PV of some of her songs, we’ll just have to wait and see.

Video Uploaded by: cscmax1




4 responses

11 01 2011

I don’t know. I don’t really hear any variety in the tunes of her songs. They could all easily be the same song, plus she sings them all the same. The way she’s singing though, it isn’t bad, but I feel like she’s trying to be Ayaya, and she isn’t, nor will she ever be…

11 01 2011


I love all the audience members in the beginning screaming “KIKKAAAAAAAAAAA~~~!!!” XDD

11 01 2011

Yeah she seems to be really establishing her fanbase, beyond the one she had as an egg. Who knows maybe she’ll appeal to people who wouldn’t traditionally listen to H!P?

12 01 2011

idk. idun really have any problems with the LQ.. and the fans..
anyways.. the song is awesome… :D
all 3 are

@ Lalalove
wow thats a first.. xD

i think kikka might be able to be the next ayaya

well i think kikka is awesome.. and shes got a big fanbase already…
shell do great when she finally beduts :)

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