Kikkawa Yuu- Candy PoP LQ Preview Released & Kikkawa Yuu Event Announced

9 01 2011

A LQ preview of Kikkawa Yuu’s Candy PoP has been released and Kikka announced that she will be holding an event sometime in January.

Candy PoP was performed by Kikka at last night’s concert as part of her opening act. Candy PoP is also another original song that hasn’t been released by any other H!P group before so I’m just going to say that it’s Kikka’s song. I’d like to say Kikka’s voice is amazing in this song, I think it’s her deep voice that makes the song so unique.

Candy PoP is sort of like a rock-pop, similar to what Buono would have except it doesn’t fall to heavily into rock. It’s a bit more upbeat than Sayonara Namida but it still takes on a serious tone that both of these songs had. It’s hard to explain that but when hearing both songs I can’t picture her having a giant extra happy smile on while singing these songs, she smiles but it’s a different type of smile. The guitar in the background also adds to the serious and mature feel of this song.

Also for everyone who signed up for Kikka’s support site it appears that she sends an email or some sort of message daily and in one of her messages she announced that she will be holding an event sometime during January. It’s surprising to hear that she’s holding an event so soon after she completed her egg training but I’m sure a lot of fans will show up to it.

Here’s what she wrote on her message:

The Hello! Concerts@Nakano Sunplaza that started at New Years the 2nd!
The last one finished!!!!

Many thanks for letting me be the opening act for the concerts
this 2011.♪
I was so nervous that my heart was beating really fast every day!
Thank you for watching warmly over me at my first performance♪
By getting to do this, I was able to realize what I have to improve and work on, and various new things about myself, I’m very happy with this.
I still really have a lot to learn, but with the cheers from the fans as my weapon I will do my absolute best!!!

And here’s an announcement!
Kikkawa You wll have an event in January(´ω`)!!!!
It’s an event where all fans can take part too. Everyone, please, please come♪
I will send more details in a mail later. Everyone, hold on to your cell pones and wait please★
Yoroshiku onegaishimasu♪

Kikkawa You starts from now
Please everyone, support me♪
Next up, is that we’re going to Nagoya to see everyone, I’m looking forward to it♪

That’s all from Kikka!!!

I’m glad she has a lot of support from the fans and I’m looking forward to other releases from her.

Video uploaded by: cscmax1

Kikka’s Support Page Translation




11 responses

9 01 2011

Man H!P really has its ups and downs. I read about Ai-chans graduation and I think they’re all doomed yet I hear this and I’m suddenly optimistic again. Here’s hoping she makes it.

9 01 2011

^_^ I didn’t want to post this because I was thinking “I can’t post a good news after hearing a bad news, a bad news that involves Ai-chan too!”

But hopefully this news makes you feel a bit better =) I’m sad about Ai’s grad too but I’m sure she’ll make it. \(^_^)/

9 01 2011

She has an amazing voice soo im really happy for her :)
Im going to support her 100%
even though im really upset about ai, there’s nothing we can do :(

9 01 2011

Still having fun with Kikka :D

9 01 2011

I like this one a lot more than Sayonara Namida. This is so cute.

I really hope she becomes an H!P soloist.

9 01 2011

Heh … Nobody wasn´t accept her new name Kikawa You :)

9 01 2011

Kikkawa You … sry

9 01 2011
Dave Snow

A thousand fans have already said this (and i DO like Mittsi) but Yuu should have been selected in the 2006 Auditions. I’m rooting for her all the way now! For years, Yuu has been my favorite Egg. (Try saying this to someone who doesn’t know Japanese names… “YUU is my FAVORITE EGG!” Hahaha!)

10 01 2011

Wow! Her voice is really amazing! I really enjoyed this song! She needs to be officialy part of HARO PRO!

10 01 2011

She has an interesting voice, but so far I don’t like either of her songs…
She’ll probably be another boring soloist like Mano…

10 01 2011

she’s a pretty good singer but I wouldn’t buy these songs. I just don’t like them…

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