New Group Profile Pictures For S/mileage

8 01 2011

S/mileage’s official website has been updated with 2 new pictures for their 4th single Short Cut.

The 2 pictures are very different from each other, which confuses us more with guessing the PV’s theme, and the first outfits seems to be similar to the ones used for their performance of their single in the H!P 2011 winter tour (they have the same flowery pattern but different accesories and shape), which is a positive sign that C-ute and Berryz’s outfits are the ones for their singles as well.

The first outfit is in a way identical to their previous “costume” themed outfits which consists of a big fluffy skirt, but the main difference is that there isn’t any jackets or accessories, probably because of the many flowers on the skirt and the top, and even thought it might look a bit crowded, I really like them.

The second outfits are more casual and look like school uniforms with red and black blouses under a white knit, and the nice addition are the different patterns on the skirts which really adds to the cutesy of the outfit and make each girl stand out. I don’t know if these outfits will be used like the casual ones from Onaji Jikyuu de Hataraku Tomodachi no Bijin Mama, but we should find out soon.

Overall, the outfits seem to be quite interesting even if the first one is confusing with all the flowers and because of it’s contrast with the second one, so hopefully individual profile pictures will be updated soon.

The release date is set for 2/9.

S/mileage’s official website



11 responses

8 01 2011

I like the casual wear. Very cute ^^

8 01 2011

I like Yuuka’s new hairstyle and Kanon looks adorable in pigtails 0.o I can’t believe she is older than me

8 01 2011

i love both the outifts!! especially the casual one
kanon is soo adorable

8 01 2011

I was wondering if they were going to use the “matching suits” theme again…I was thinking, what else can they do? XD Yellow…? I’m sure we’ll see them again though. But maybe it’s because of a new album…?
I thought there would be ‘casual’ outfits this time. The song just hinted. Wonder if there’ll be a dance shot in both outfits…?

9 01 2011

Yeah, love how no one pays heed to the heels XD

9 01 2011

Now that you mention it they are pretty ugly… O.o

9 01 2011

I imagine neck-breaking :D

Heh, neck-breakingly ugly >D

9 01 2011

First outfit is super kawaii~
DAWA’s shortcut ponytail = win :D

9 01 2011

“…the first outfits seems to be the ones used for their performance of their single in the H!P 2011 winter tour…”

They actually aren’t the same outfits. The ones used in the tour have colored ribbons tied around the waste, more (multicolored) flowers on the skirt and on the top, the “S” symbol is on their arms, and the shoes are different. XD

10 01 2011

Yes that’s right I noticed it too when I saw a video of them wearing the bow outfits in a special interview (which I like more for some reason, maybe because of the colored bows for each girl) :)
I’ll change it now ^_^

13 01 2011

How they manage to dance with such tall heels i will never know.
Ayaka looks almost copied and pasted in each picture, lol. Just different outfits ;P

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