S/mileage – “Pan ya-san no Arubaito” Short Preview Released

7 01 2011

A short preview for S/mileage’s 4th single’s B-side for the Limited edition titled Pan ya-san no Arubaito has been released.

The song was played during a radio show and it’s great to see that unlike Momoko’s show, here the hosts (S/mileage) don’t seem to talk much during the preview which gives us a full idea of the song; the song seems to be more calm than the A-side, but even though it is the case, it’s still really energetic and has an upbeat sound mixed with a ballad feeling.

It starts with an upbeat instrumental followed by vocals by all the members, then it slowns down a bit, but all the song-long, the instrumental seems to stay on a same sound that is really catchy and cute, and it’s mostly group lines, but we’ll wait for a full preview to be sure.

As mentionned, the single will have 2 different B-sides for both regular and Limited Editions, and the B-side for the Regular Edition was revealed to be a cover of Tanpopo’s song Otome Pasta ni Kandou which is quite intreeguing since their previous single also had a covered song (Chokotto Love) and not a new one…

Hopefully we get a full preview for this song, as well as one for the second B-side soon.

The release date is set for 2/9.




3 responses

7 01 2011

I’m excited. The B-side is nice, and I love Otome Pasta ni Kandou :) Thanks for sharing.

7 01 2011

No problem and we’ll get a full previrew soon :)

7 01 2011

I love this song!! It’s so cute!! <3

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