Shuukan Yoro! Vol 73

7 01 2011

Site News: Three blog goals were reached during the last week and they are pretty impressive so I wanted to mention them before anything else.

First, the blog reached its busiest day with 9,322 hits in one day, second, the amount of fans on the blog at the same time reached a peak of 103, and third, the poll reached more than 1,121 votes.

Thanks to everyone who visited the site and helped make this possible since it is a great sign that the site is being visited by more fans than ever before, and while the direct result of all of those blog goals being reached was the announcement of the Morning Musume 9th generation members I am glad to see that fans who wanted to find out more about them choose this site.

While I am really happy that the site has reached these large amount of visits each day (now around 4,000) there are still many more goals to be reached, but I am thankful to everyone that visits this site since it’s thanks to you that all of this happened.

The site anniversary will be in about a week so I am glad to see that in the two years the site has been active we have reached so many goals in so little time, so again, thank you to everyone who visits the site and please continue to support the H!SN team!

Site Updates: The last week has been very busy with the announcement of the new members, and as a result I haven’t had a chance to work that much on improving the site (basically my sleeping pattern was thrown way off), but I have tonight and the weekend to catch up and finish updating the site.

I will add pages for the new members and update the other sections so they are up to date as soon as possible, and tonight I plan on updating the Upcoming Releases section and the H!P Birthday section since it has been about a week or two since I last updated them.

The Schedule section will also be updated and I will make sure to have all sections of the site complete by next week, just in time for the blog anniversary.

I plan on updating all sections (including the Discography section) which means that there will be a lot of work ahead, but I am confident I can finish it before next Friday so please look forward to that.

Polls: The winner for this poll was Tanaka Reina with 521 votes (47%), congratulations Reina! Mitsui Aika came in second with 313 votes (28%) and Maeda Yuuka came in third place with 285 votes (25%).

There was a total of 1,121 votes for this poll.

Congratulations Reina!

First of all I wanted to mention that the poll results for 2010 are being added up so the post with the results should be up by this weekend so that fans have a clear idea of who was the overall winner and who had the most votes compared to other members, and since there weren’t any changes in how the poll was done during all of 2010 the results should be more reliable compared to last year (when there were a lot of differences in vote totals).

Also, like I mentioned at the start of the post the amount of fans voting reached an unexpected goal by having more than one thousand fans voting, so again thank you to everyone who participated and made it possible.

The results weren’t that surprising since Reina managed to stay in first place during most of the week, although I am glad to see that Mitsui got more than 300 votes and that Yuuka wasn’t that far behind her.

Reina got almost half of the votes, and since there were more than a thousand of them she did win by quite a lot, and while Mitsui and Yuuka did pretty good I am glad to see that everyone has such strong fan bases.

The next poll is similar to this one (mostly because it’s a bit one sided) since Momo seems to be the most likely to win, but I hope that Chii and Ogawa fans can vote for their favorite member and support them.

Just a reminder for those who don’t vote: If you do have a chance please vote since it only takes two clicks and you help your favorite member appear as member of the week!

Next poll will feature Tsugunaga Momoko, Tokunaga Chinami, and Maeda Yuuka so everyone please vote for the next H!P member of the week!

To make it easier for fans I will provide the direct link to the poll HERE.

Please vote!

Reviews: Like I mentioned above I did have some trouble keeping up with site updates so I didn’t have that much time to work on reviews like I wanted, so I will make up for it by working on the Momo review each day to make sure it is released by next week.

I have all of the images I need on my computer so all I need to do is to edit them together, upload, and work on the review, so it should take more than usual, but it seems like I can finish it by next week if I finish everything else for the site on time.

I plan on releasing at least one review before the blog anniversary so next week will be really busy, so hopefully I can finish as much as possible before next Friday to be ready.

I will update the Twitter when the review is released so please look forward to it!

Shuukan Yoro: It’s the 4th day of Tanaka Reina’s week about “Politics”.

The theme for today’s class is “President Nyyazow” and we will get a chance to find out some of the unbelievable laws he made while he was president, and while I don’t want to reveal much I have to admit that I was as surprised as everyone else about the laws.

I was surprised to find out how many things were prohibited and for what reasons since they seem to be a bit unbelievable, but I’m glad that Reina taught us about some of the laws along with the rest of Momusu since she does a great job of teaching.

Hopefully everyone can watch the episode since it is pretty interesting:




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