Morning Musume To Appear On J-MELO

7 01 2011

Morning Musume will appear as guests on the English NHK show J-MELO.

It’s great to see that Momusu will appear in a TV show in a month since it gives them a chance to promote their upcoming tour which starts in March, and since this is the first show since the 9th generation was revealed there might be a chance for us to see 9-nin Momusu together for the first time on a show (although the four new members might be busy preparing for the tour).

Since there is no new single announcement yet we will most likely see the focus on promotion for their concert tour, so hopefully all of the members get a chance to speak up and show of their personalities so that people who watch the show go to a concert.

I’m not sure if all 9 members will appear since the photo on the J-MELO site features the current 5-nin picture, but we will most likely find out for sure when we get blog pictures or a small preview on the day of the broadcast.

The recording for the show will be on 2/28.

Official J-Melo Site




7 responses

8 01 2011

I watch this show every Monday that it’s on. If anyone needs times, channel number (as sky is the only place to view it on tv) or where to get the app for NHK. Just ask ^^
though a while ago, they were announced to be part of the member panel or something were they come in a few times. If you go to my YouTube account you can see in of their songs was shown on there but unfortunately, because I was so happy, I forgot to record Junjun, Linlin and Kamei Eri talking on J-Mello. Sorry about that

8 01 2011

Forgot to say, YouTube account is LittlexMissyx

8 01 2011

at last I can see them on J-melo
I wil watch it at Monday

8 01 2011

It’s weird seeing the four new members. Lol.

8 01 2011

Morning Musume have been on J-mello ALOT lately XD Even on the X-mas special thay said merry christmas(As 5-nin) Nice to see that they’ll be on for longer than minute long segments XD

28 02 2011

That’s because they are part of the J-Mello team now
If you look at the j-mello website it says what their job role is (I forgot it D:)

28 02 2011

They didn’t appear today ad won’t next week as it’s a special show but tey may appear in two weeks time *fingers crossed*

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