Lilpri – CM for McDonald’s Japan’s Happy Set

7 01 2011

McDonald’s Japan official site has a CM featuring Lilpri for their new toys that will be included in their Happy Set (Happy Meal).

The news was announced quite a while ago, but I wanted to wait until the CM was released to see the result, and give full details; McDonald’s in Japan is now putting Lilpri cards in their Happy Set that seem to consist of dress-up cards where little girls get to dress up their Lilpri character with paper gowns and accesories.

Lilpri members got to participate in making the CM, and even though they only appear shortly, it should promote well the toys since girls watching the commercial will probably see them and if they are fans of the anime, they will definitly want to see the cards and try them out.

The whole idea is a great promotion for the anime and the group itself, which is always pleasant to see. Along with the CM that is available on the McDonald’s official site, a Making Of was released by S/mileage’s official YouTube channel where we see the girls performing on the green screen and fooling around.

Here is the Making Of, and since the CM wasn’t yet released on YouTube, you can watch it on the official McDonald’s site here.




2 responses

7 01 2011

They look adorable and ghbjk I love their dresses.
Especially Ayaka’s.

11 01 2011

In the old days, they just used Ronald, Hamburglar, Mayor McCheese in TV commercials even in Japan!

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