Sugaya Risako – “Le Soleil” DVD Digest Released

6 01 2011

A preview for Sugaya Risako’s e-Hello! DVD titled Le Soleil (Eng: The Sun) has been released.

The preview features three outfits: a school themed outfit with a red sweater, skirt and heels, a fluffy black dress with a fur scarf, and a more casual outfit with a pink sweater in various locations such as a train, the beach, a cafe, among many others.

Since the DVD preorders started today it was only a matter of time until we got the official title and a small preview and for the most part I really like the title since it’s meaning really matches up well with Risako’s bright and cheerful personality, and despite being a bit too different from the usual Japanese titles we see from H!P I am glad that they are trying out fancy and unique titles for the DVDs.

The preview is like most of the other solo DVD previews since it features soft guitar music along with posing, smiling at the camera, and walking around, but despite it following that normal solo DVD preview pattern I was impressed with the scenes that were featured since we got to see Risako smiling and laughing while looking at the camera and in various outfits and locations.

Risako looked really cute throughout most of the video since most of it featured some great scenes where she looks at the camera and smiles or laughs, and even though the black dress and fur scarf didn’t quite mix that well with the nature background I was amazed at how great she looks when she smiles and poses.

Overall the preview is impressive since we get to see many of the locations and outfits in the DVD, and while some might be a bit too simple (like the beach scene, although it’s the first time I see someone with heels and a casual outfit instead of a bikini at the beach) I was glad that we got to see Risako’s cheerful and bright personality while she smiled at the camera and posed.

Hopefully Risako fans reserve a copy of this DVD since the video does a good job of showing off some the great scenes included.

Video uploaded by: berryzchannel




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