Morning Musume 9th Generation FC Event Announced

6 01 2011

An FC event for Morning Musume’s 9th generation has been announced.

There will be two events in February: the first will feature Niigaki Risa and Michishige Sayumi and the second will feature Tanaka Reina and Mitsui Aika along with the 9th generation members Fukumura Mizuki, Suzuki Kanon, Ikuta Erina, and Sayashi Riho. According to the event page, tickets will apparently be free and it will be a handshake event as well.

I was really excited when I first saw the announcement for this event since they are giving fans a chance to meet up with the new members before they officially start activities (at the start of Momusu’s next tour in March), and since there will be a few Momusu members along with the new members it is a great opportunity for them to get used to performing in events and talking in front of fans.

It’s somewhat surprising that the page doesn’t mention Ai-chan at all, but most likely she will appear in both events or she might be busy with other stuff, although we will most likely find out for sure when the events start and the new Momusu members are introduced to FC members.

Despite that I hope that we can see all of the new members get used to being in front of so many fans before their official start as Momusu members in a few months, and while we don’t know what they will do at the event (apart from the handshake) we can most likely expect to see some interaction between the Momusu members as well as a few performances.

The first event will be on 2/6 at Yokohama BLITZ in Kanagawa and the second event will be on 2/11 at Eru Shiata in Osaka.

Official UFA Page For Momusu’s 9th Gen FC Event




7 responses

6 01 2011

It’s so weird looking at the picture… it’s like… THAT’S the new Morning Musume… I have to adjust…

6 01 2011

I’m super curious as to why Ai is not at those places… There’s no news of what she’s doing around that time so i wonder what other things she’s got planned…

But anyways I’m sure whatever it is Ai will probably still support 9th gen from where ever she is.

6 01 2011

They look good together!
Any news about Ai not being somewhere with them makes me a bit nervous, though.

6 01 2011

*eagerly awaits official pictures for website*

I think Aichan either has things to do, or UFA doesn’t want to deal with Aichan followers. You mention that the tickets are “apparently free” and there’s a handshake event. With Aichan being the most popular member in H!P, I’d fear her fans bombarding the events instead of 9th Gen hopefuls. XD
(Of course, I’m sure fans of the previous gens will go for them; didn’t rule that out – just not as bad as Aichan)

Hoping the events go well <3

9 01 2011

Well, the reason why Ai-chan isn’t in the tour is now very clear :(

9 01 2011

She will graduate until October so there is plenty of time left, but it does seem like she will be doing other work while the others are at the event.

26 02 2011
Caitlin (Machi-chan)

Did anyone get photos or items of Kanon or group pictures of 9th generation that they’d consider selling or trading from one of the events? (Especially Morning Labo) I’d definitely pay more than they were sold for!!!

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