S/mileage will have a special event to promote a new monthly TV show

2 01 2011

S/mileage will have a special one night event to celebrate and promote a new monthly TV show starting in April. The title for the event is S/mileage 2011 Haru Limited Live ~Smile Factory~.

Hearing this news is really amazing for S/mileage fans since that means that they will have a TV show for themselves that will air monthly, and it’s great to see that the promotion for this group is still on track.

The special event will be a special live to celebrate the start of the program and it’s a really original idea since fans will enjoy a S/mileage concert while getting to know the TV show a little better.

Hopefully all fans can attend this event and we should get more information about what the TV show is about soon.

The event will take place on 3/20 at STUDIO COAST (Tokyo) from 14:45 to 15:30/17:45 to 18:30.

Official H!P page about the event




2 responses

2 01 2011

Smile Smile Smile Machine (wow wow wow wow)
Smile Smile Smile Station (Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah)
Smile Smile Smile Factory (wow wow wow wow)
S/mileage is so wonderful…

OMG I’m so lame.

3 01 2011

LOL!! ^^

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