Morning Musume 9th Generation Announced

2 01 2011

The members for Morning Musume’s 9th generation have been revealed.

The members are:

Fukumura Mizuki (14)

Ikuta Erina (13)

Suzuki Kanon (12)

Sayashi Riho (12)

I’m really surprised with the results since I didn’t expect to see an Egg being added into the 9th generation as well, but I’m glad that it is Fukumura Mizuki since she seems to have a lot of talent (she was previously in Shugo Chara Egg).

Apart from her I’m really glad to see that Kanon, Erina, and Riho managed to be selected since they were among my favorites from the start, and since the fan favorite Riho was chosen as well it seems that this 9th generation has a bit of everything: talent, cuteness, and support from most fans (realistically there will always be some fans who don’t agree with the decision).

I haven’t had a chance to see the audition special from Bijo Gaku but from what I can tell Riho is extremely talented and has experience performing so most likely she will be among the instant fan favorites when the next single is released.

Kanon is really cute and since she seems to already smile when performing and she looks like she can handle being an idol easily (with practice), Erina seems to be talented as well and since they were all among the top three favorites I’m glad that they were chosen.

We haven’t had a chance to see them perform as a group yet so hopefully we get to find out how talented each one of them really is when performing for fans and in the next single (if they will be included so soon).

Since there are no pictures of the 9th generation available yet I will update when they are released, but congratulations to the selected members and hopefully we get to hear more about them soon (including the next Momusu single).

Congratulations Fukumura, Erina, Kanon, and Riho!

EDIT: The members of the 9th generation haven’t been confirmed but most of the reports from 2ch seem to be mentioning these four members as the 9th generation. I will update with the official confirmation when it is released.

EDIT 2: Confirmed, Fukumura, Erina, Kanon, and Riho are the members for Morning Musume’s 9th generation, congratulation!

Daily Sports Article About Momusu’s 9th Generation Article

Official H!P Article

EDIT 3: A video about the announcement has also been released:

Video uploaded by: JIJIPRESS




52 responses

2 01 2011

OMG!! 2 of my 3 favorites!! I’m so pumped!! I want their new single to be announced now! I’m excited to see what changes Tsunku’s gonna make to teh group!!! <3 <3 <3

2 01 2011

Yay! The three girls from the auditions that i definitely wanted to win ♥

2 01 2011

That was unexpected but good for her~

2 01 2011

I’m so glad Kanon got in!!!!

2 01 2011

I think having four members is better than the two or three that I predicted about the 9th generation members, I made a blog post here.

2 01 2011

awww, CONGRATS 9th Gen, MEMBERS!
Obviously Riho was getting in, but Mogi didn’t :( It’s

2 01 2011

lol i was all over twitter and H!O when this was going on.

2 01 2011

Even if I didn’t really care for Riho, her and Kanon were who I was pretty positive about making it (since they were showcased quite a lot in the audition videos). Am also a tad surprised that it was Ikuta chosen, instead of Mogi, but I think it’s a positive; Mogi would need a lot of counseling/ego-boosting and because 9th gen needs to be ready-to-go, it’d be a waste of time (and the other contestants didn’t need that, at least that much). =3
I was really skeptical that an EGG would make it, since none were shown in the audition process videos, but if this came as a surprise to even Fukuchan, then I can understand [why she wasn’t mentioned/shown]. Though everyone (not literally, but a lot) wanted Akari to be added, Fukuchan and her are at about the same level – skill isn’t an issue and it’s just a different fanbase.

Anyways, I am excited for 9th gen. X3
They also look nice together, so gen photos will look nice. Hopefully, their personalities suit one-another (or at least get along well), so that there’s a good aura coming from them. Fukuchan and Riho are at professional level (not their limit, but not newbs), so they can help Ikuta and Kanon adjust to Idol life.

And, those already worried about MM graduations this year:
I doubt it. Especially for Ai and Risa. Sayumin is the most likely to leave next due to easily having a career as a TV personality/variety show-whatever (this is all personal opinion, in case you couldn’t tell), but I think the next graduation will be in 2012. I don’t think any members are eager to graduate, or at least appear so, so I doubt it – graduation announcements often come as a surprise, so regardless of how you prepare yourself: you’re gonna act like it was unexpected. XD
(AKA: Just enjoy what you have and stop worrying about the inevitable; if you worry now, you won’t be able to fully appreciate everything that each member gives <3)

– Yay, few surprises but they all look very exciting! Eager to see 9th gen together! (Thought Mogi would make it, instead of Ikuta; didn't expect an EGG at all)
– MM graduations don't seem likely; don't worry, even if there are graduations, and enjoy what you have to the fullest! (Sayumin seems most likely to next graduate, but not this year)

2 01 2011
9th Gen Finally Revealed!! « International Wota

[…] so fun (Aoi♥Usagi) Morning Musume: 9th Generation Is 1 EGG + 3 Audition Members (Pure Idol Heart) Morning Musume 9th Generation Announced […]

3 01 2011

Wow XD There’s Mizuki XD I love her in Shugo Chara Eggs :x

3 01 2011

I am so glad Riho, Kanon and Erina got in also glad Tsunku let in an Egg. But I am even more excited to see Risa’s hair XD

5 01 2011

I was so worried that only one person would be chosen, but this is amazing! I wanted four new members from the beginning, and an egg, so I’m really happy. :D

5 01 2011


Did Mizuki just find out she was in MM at THAT moment???

Because her reaction was beautiful! :3

5 01 2011

No one on that stage except for Tsunku knew about Mizuki being the 4th member of the 9th generation (the other 9th gen members might have known ahead of time also), that’s why everyone was surprised, and when he mentioned Mizuki you can tell that she is really happy and surprised along with all of the other Momusu members ^_^

6 01 2011

Kanon rocks, but all 4 are beyond excellent.

7 01 2011

my fave egg after Kanon Fukuda

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