Kikkawa Yuu – “Sayonara Namida” LQ Preview Released

2 01 2011

A preview for “Sayonara Namida” sung by Kikkawa Yuu has been released.

I don’t want to say this is Kikka’s song yet because she only sang it and after completing her Egg training we don’t really know if she is going to debut as a soloist or anything else. But this song is an new song and it hasn’t been released under anyone else yet so it’s possible that she may release the song under her name.

The preview is a rip from last night’s concert but you can hear Kikka clearly and I’m really amazed. I don’t follow any of the H!P eggs so I didn’t know who Kikka was and when she finished her Egg training I really didn’t care much. But she’s changed my entire opinion about her from this preview.

Kikka starts the song off in a powerful, strong voice and for the entire song she keeps that energy in her voice, which is something I love because it shows how much effort they’re putting into the music. Her voice is somewhat deeper than what I’m use to hearing but she hits all of the high notes in there perfectly and throughout the song there’s not a moment where she sounds tired or sounds off tune. Halfway into the song you can hear the fans chanting for her, I was quite surprised with that because I didn’t think that she would have that much support at an H!P concert.

Her outfit is a very simple one, it looks very similar to what the Elder Club used at their graduation awhile back which is almost like a wedding/party dress. Kikka’s entire outfit was white,I love the dress and the boots she was wearing but I wish there was an improvement on her hat. It just looks off with the rest of her outfit and I think a white headband would’ve been enough for her. Regardless of that I’m hoping that she is the opening performance at the other concerts.

Hopefully all fans who listen to the preview of the song agree that she should debut as a soloist or participate in a group since she has so much potential and if she does debut hopefully all fans will support her.

I am really looking forward to seeing other releases from her and I hope this preview gives you all an idea of what an amazing singer she is.

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20 responses

2 01 2011

Total gasp and MOUTH DROP when she started singing!!



2 01 2011

She’s a rather popular EGG, both from 8th MM auditions and MilkyWay. =3

Of course, still anxiously awaiting her debut as something~
Probably a soloist, seeing as how she has support and skills, but I don’t want to get my own hopes up by being positive.

Her low voice is totally darling
And this song is really, really good <3

2 01 2011


2 01 2011

I honestly never really liked Yuu that much but after hearing this I’ve completely changed my opinion of her! She is a really amazing singer!!!! I hope that she debuts as a solo artist! <3 And did anyone else think that in that picture she kinda looks like Yurina? 0_o

2 01 2011

this is a good and she definetly deserves being able to perform an orginal song!

She has such a nice mature voice, I really hope she’s able to go solo~

3 01 2011

now when you mention it she does resemble yurina a bit, only if she was a little bit taller she would really look like her.

3 01 2011

Wow her singing… She has such a powerfull voice!! O.o <3

3 01 2011

I always knew she had an amazing singer sinceshe is (with Saho Akari) the only eggs i followed and it was worth it ^_^
I love this voice!!!

3 01 2011

>.< I wish someone had introduced me to Kikka earlier because I feel totally lame for being left out and not knowing at a great singer she is… Thank goodness I already follow Saho or else I'd feel even more lame

3 01 2011

(And Mori Saki) :3

3 01 2011

-hits self- I LOVE KIKKAA~ RRRRRRRRAWRRRWW :3 I heard on most other H!P blogs that I follow, this is her origonal song o.O

3 01 2011

I love Yuu in Milky Way! I’m glad to see there might be a slight chance of her being a soloist! her voice is nice, a little deeper than I remembered though!

But I just hope Mano Erina won’t be left in the dust… because a lot of people seem to hate her and her songs and the way she sings. I really don’t know who has more fans but I love Erina, so I really hope that won’t happen.

4 01 2011

Kikka and Saaya were both voice acting in MilkyWay. This is Kikka’s real voice; if you listen to some of her performances from the STEP series, this is the voice she uses. (Koha also voice acted, but that [unfortunately] became her regular singing voice.)

I also hope Mano won’t be ignored. I’m pretty neutral about her, but she’s good at what she does. (Well, still not solo-worthy, but she’s already a lot better than when she debuted.)

3 01 2011

OMG soo much better than mano erina’s, no offense.
if she becomes a soloist, I’ll support her 100%!!!
she should’ve been added to the ninth generation…. even though im not complaining about the one’s chosen i just think she has an amazing voice :D:D

4 01 2011

Agree about her better than Mano Erina ^_^v

4 01 2011

but erina is cuter and has more interesting songs than this

20 01 2011

I know, cute face always win.
I don’t hate Erina, and I admit she has talent but Kika’s better in live.
And hallo.. Erina has debuted since 2009, of course she has more songs.

4 01 2011

My mouth was like ‘O’ when she start singing….
She’s incredible!!!
her voice is mature but really good to hear..
If she start debuting as a soloist or form a group with other eggs I’ll definitely support her!!

6 01 2011

mouth drop when she started singing, WOW wasn’t expecting that! I was imagining her using her MilkyWay voice…
and about her and Erina, I like Erina more cuz of the types of songs (half the time) and she’s extremely cute. But Kikka’s voice is flippin amazing! With more practice she could be almost as good as Ai or Risa. Kikka would make a good solo artist :)

7 01 2011

sounds like goto maki a bit

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