C-ute – “Kiss Me Aishiteru” LQ Preview Released

2 01 2011

A LQ preview for C-ute’s 15th single titled Kiss Me Aishiteru has been released. The preview is a concert rip from today’s first performance at H!P’s winter concert tour.

As said in the tracklist of the concert (the note), it seems that Chisato is the lead in this new song which is really great for all fans (including me), and since it’s mature and has a fast beat, Chisa’s voice fits well, along with Maimi and Airi that have a fair repartition of lines, but Nakky and Mai seem to have less lines than in the previous release.

The preview is somewhat unclear since there is many echo from fans, but still, we can notice the upbeat rythm of the songs, along with the amazing vocals from the members that really show the mature side of the song.

The instrumental must be the most impressive thing in the whole song since it’s energetic, and it mixes many types of music together, going from calm to rock, and it softens down when they start singing Kiss me…

I recommand only the most curious to listen to this preview since a HQ qulity will be released soon, but I have to admit that Chisa’s voice is simply incredible in this song.

The release date is set for 2/23.

EDIT: Here is a picture of the outfits they used for the song in the concert:




15 responses

2 01 2011

Well ok, I'm not a fan of this song for the moment, I wait for the PV.
The fact that I don't really like is that Nakki seem to don't sing. I don't hear her so much, and Maimai have less line too, so I'm really disapointed because it's cool to promote Chisa, but it's really pity to push the others back.
I waited for the PV and for the outfits. But I would like to say that after Aitai Lonely Christmas, I'm a little disapointed.

2 01 2011

It does seem that Nakky and Mai have less lines than usual which is unfair since we’ve been waiting for singles like Aitai Lonely Christmas and Dance de Bakoon! forever…
But I think that after all the singles were we only heard Airi and Maimi it’s a nice change that will hopefully go on to Nakky and Mai leads after Chisa :)

2 01 2011

If Chisa IS the lead in the song, this’ll have the be first single in C-ute history where Airi isn’t the lead. xD

2 01 2011

LOL. Airi wasn’t the lead in Bye Bye Bye!! Maimi was!! XD

2 01 2011
Mogi Bear

Are you counting indies as well? Cuz Megumi was lead for Soku Dakishimete and Maimi was lead for Blue Jeans

2 01 2011

C-ute has been on a great singles kick lately :) very excited for this single!

2 01 2011

I’m blown away. This sounds amazing.

2 01 2011

Nakky D: Maimai D:

2 01 2011

It sounds great (i can´t dislike nothing from ºC-ute…..lol, it´s a problem that i have)….

I´m glad they are giving the chance for Chissa…now she can improve more….time for preorder this single ^^

2 01 2011

I demand more Nakky lines, NOW DD:<

2 01 2011

Woot! Sounds amazing! :D
Chisa ♥

2 01 2011

Good for Chisa.
But we need more Nakky.

2 01 2011

Wow, really sounds awesome! Can’t wait to see this Concert purple hot pants and gold tops with midriffs galore. ^^)

2 01 2011

it’s a good song, those outfits are bit… much though.. :/

2 01 2011

Ooh, risky outfits <3
(Jailbait FTW – don't take this offensively XD)

This song sounds really fun, and C-ute's been doing a good job on singles [as always]. I think Mai and Nakky are more in the background (cue echos), so it's not like they have nothing.
And I don't think it's a "promoting" thing anymore for Chisa. Well, not in any different way than it is for Airi and Maimi. Her dance videos were a huge success, as was her solo event, and that support is shown heavily in this. =3
I do think they need to showcase Mai and Nakky more (especially Nakky who almost always has the fewest solos), so I will agree with most people complaining. XD
But I'm a Chisa fan, so I'd be lying were I not to say that I'm really excited that Chisa has a good chunk of the song. And, so far, I like this part (0.53-1.00):
"Mai: subete ga
Nakky: subete ga
Chisa: hajimete wo onna datta wa"
(lyrics are written by ear – don't assume these are correct~)

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