S/mileage won the “Best Newcomer Award” at the 52nd Japan Record Awards

31 12 2010

S/mileage won their Best Newcomer Award at the 52nd Japan Record Awards.

It’s amazing to see that Smileage managed to win this award while they had tough competiton, specially K-pop group  SNSD who were their major rivals, and that award will hopefully help S/mileage getting better and boost their confidence.

To see such a young group that debuted not so long ago get a very important award like this one is definitely exceptional (although Momusu and C-ute also got this award before). Here are some pictures from the ceremony:

S/mileage performed 2 songs during the ceremony, Ganbaranakutemo ee nende!, and Yume Miru 15 after receiving the award as shown in this video where you can see how happy and speechless they were (Saki was really happy and Kanon couldn’t stop crying).

Omedetou Gozaimasu S/mileage!

Maeda Yuuka’s blog post

Wada Ayaka’s blog post

Fukuda Kanon’s blog post

Ogawa Saki’s blog post




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31 12 2010

awwwww SOOOO happy for them!!! :DDD S/mileage ooowns!!! FRESH LEGS OOOWNS! xDD lol happy for them~ x3 and also I don’t see any performance of Ganbaranakutemo ee nende!… o.o Just Yume miru 15 sai.

31 12 2010

The Ganbaranakutemo ee Nende! performance was done before the announcement of the winner and it’s not on this video.

I’ll try to find the video of the full event as soon as possible if you want to watch it :)

31 12 2010

Oh please do! :]]]

31 12 2010

Yeyyyy. Congratulations to them. I was surprised they won because SNSD was one of the nominees. I’m so happy for them!!

31 12 2010

Did Maeda Yuuka cut her hair???
She looked so much prettier with long hair…
But happy for their award!! Congratulations!!<3

31 12 2010

Yayy :)
soo excited for them!! :D
hopefully, this will help their sales greatly :)
they were all soo happy and they looked soo shocked because they were up agaisnt some real competitors (SNSD which is HUGE in korea)
soo im very happy for them :D
they all looked great with their hair and after watching this, im sooo excited to see their new single that is going to be released soon!

31 12 2010

I think because they already had been big in korea is why they didn’t win :/ I’m a bigger S/mileage fan then So nyuh shi dae but I think that’s the real reason why SNSD lost. S/mileage beats the rest though

31 12 2010

LOL When they suddenly had to jump into performing XD

31 12 2010

Haha I was waiting all day yesterday for you guys to post about this >:D xD.
Anyways, congratulations to S/mileage! They certainly deserve it with all their hard work :) hopefully this exposure will get them some new fans!

31 12 2010

Sorry about that but because of time zones I sometimes post late x(

31 12 2010

Yay! I’m so happy for them. They’ve worked so hard and I really think they deserve this award. I imagine this will boost their sales quite a bit simply because of the exposure they’ll get from it. What great news to get right at the end of the year. Well, I’m looking forward to S/mileage and their continued success in 2011.

Happy New Year to ado, ladylibra92, and Ayuchii and to all of the H!SN readers. I hope you all have a great New Year’s celebration.

31 12 2010

Ohh thank you!!!
Have a wonderful new year eve too !! ^.^

31 12 2010

Congrats to them. Can’t understand why some people think H!P is on the decline. Hope 2011 is a great year for them.

Also funniest part? Kanon jumping and falling out of her seat.

31 12 2010

I hope so too! H!P kinda is declining(Sales wise) They’re only selling 30,000 or so :/

31 12 2010

ha ha .. they beat SNSD .. *twothumbsup*
Yeah ~! So happy for them!
Go Girls .. ^__^

1 01 2011

Omedetou gozaimatsu, S/mileage!!!
OMG, I really like this group because of their cute style! And, their group name is unique and the meaning of its name are nice! They really make me smile :)

1 01 2011

ohmigahd! congratulations s/mileage!!

one thing i can’t get over about though…

they all have short hair! even ayaka! it’s just tied up in a ponytail that’s why its not that easy to notice. now for some reason, they now all look alike (from behind).

1 01 2011

I think this is done on purpose for their upcoming single titled “Short Cut”….
They all have now short cuts (hair) … ;)

1 01 2011

I’m such an idiot (rolls eyes) – I never made the connection with that title.

1 01 2011

Sakitty didn’t cry at all XD

Great, tomorrow will have the result of Gen IX Audition

3 01 2011

I’m really happy for them, at first when I see SNSD is nominated I was all like.. hmm.. this will be hard for them i mean hello! this is SNSD we’re talking about
but when the MC said ‘S/mileage no mina-san!’ and Saki yelled I feel like ‘yay! that’s my girls’ *giggle*
And aww…. Yuuka and Kanon cried when they sing Yume miru 15..

About the haircut, I still love them but I prefer the long hair for everyone, yes, including Saki and Kanon.

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