C-ute – “C-ute Summer Fall Concert Tour 2010 ~Dance Special!! “Chou UraNAITO!~” Blu-ray Announced

30 12 2010

A Blu-ray edition for C-ute’s C-ute Summer Fall Concert Tour 2010 ~Dance Special!! ~Chou UraNAITO!~ has been announced.

It’s so great to see that the Blu-ray releases keep being announced almost immediatly after the DVDs, to make it easier for fans to choose their favorite version of the concert and enjoy it whether it’s on DVD or Blu-ray.

This concert was really special with the dance theme going on and it’s awesome to see that a Blu-ray edition is going to be released since fans will most likely want to see this concert in a better quality that is provided by the Blu-ray, and they will be able to enjoy it at it’s best.

Hopefully, fans who prefer Blu-ray releases will be able to provide themselves with a copy since it’s an amazing concert showing C-ute’s dancing and spirit.

The release date is set for 2/23.




2 responses

30 12 2010

Mai looks so cute.

30 12 2010

I still lol at that DVD cover XD Maimai and Chisa look great, Nakky looks okay, and Maimi and Airi get terrible shots XD

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