Buono’s 11th Single Tracklist Released

30 12 2010

The tracklist for Buono’s 11th single titled “Zassou no Uta” has been released.


1. Zassou no Uta

2. Seishun 17 Kaiten Rock


4. Zassou no Uta (Instrumental)

As you can see this single features 3 new songs and this is something that has never been done before in Buono’s history. In their previous releases there would be an A single, a coupling song and then the instrumental versions of those songs.

I personally like the fact that there are 3 new songs, it sort of makes up for the time they were inactive. Unfortunately, this single only features 1 instrumental so fans of the instrumentals will be shorted on this one. But we should just be grateful that Buono is back and hopefully it’ll stay that way for a while.

Hopefully all fans pre-order a copy or buys a copy when it’s released.

The release date is 2/2.

Buono’s 11th single Product Page




8 responses

30 12 2010

grr I wanna listen to a preview so bad! >.<

30 12 2010

WOOT WOOT!!! Seishun 17 and Juciy He@rt looks goooood… lol WE NEED PREVIEWS!! NAAAOOOZZZ!!!

30 12 2010

February is shaping up to be a good month xD

30 12 2010

Yeah isn’t it ???
All the groups are having a release in fabruary (except Momusu) and many DVDs and PB also =)

2011 seems to be a good year for H!P

30 12 2010

I was hoping for this! Yay!

30 12 2010

I love the title Juicy He@rt ! It sounds somewhat cute :D
And, I want to hear the previews RIGHT NOW!! OMG that’s impossible but I’m really waiting for the previews :3

7 01 2011

I just went to that link and it said the second track was called “Runaway Train” :S

7 01 2011

they just changed the tracklist recently, it was originally Seishun 17 Kaiten Rock but it’s now Runaway Train

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