Tsuji Nozomi Announces Name For Her 2nd Child

29 12 2010

On one of Tsuji’s blog posts she announced that her son is named Sugiura Seia.

Seia means “blue skies” and she gave him that name because the day he was born the weather was good and Sugiura is the family name (or last name).

I think the name is very creative and I love that it has a meaning behind it. I also find his name unique because it’s winter and I’m assuming Japan might have some rain/snow or even be cloudy on most days so having a clear blue sky is somewhat rare during this time of year, unless your living in the tropics.

Congratulations again to the Sugiura family for their newest addition to the family and we all hope that everyone is doing well!

Tsuji’s blog post




7 responses

29 12 2010

oh Seia…
thats a REALY nice name :o
creative :D

29 12 2010

Ultraman —- Saint Seiya —- Verry creative, indeed :3

Congratulations~ !

29 12 2010

Is that the show that Taiyou acts for? If that is then that’s super super awesome creativity.

29 12 2010

Wow so cute ^.^
Congratulations again for the happy family!

29 12 2010

I think that in Japanese, Seia (especially with the kanji assigned to the name) is pretty darn weird.
But if Nono likes it… :)

31 12 2010

Seia… a cute name for a cute little boy. More proof Nono is a darn good mother. Wishing good luck to all the Sugiura family. :)

3 01 2011

I’ve never heard that name.
Then again, I don’t know many boy japanese names.

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