“Okai Chisato Solo Live 2011 Vol.2” Announced

28 12 2010

Okai Chisato will have her second solo FC event titled Okai Chisato (°C-ute) Solo Live 2011 Vol. 2 ~Kaisha de Odotte Mita!~ (title pending).

This announcement is kind of surprising since her first FC solo event didn’t even take place yet (it was set for 25/26 of January), and to see the news about her second solo event so soon means definitely that they got a great response from fans attending, which is always great for Chisa.

It seems that all the promotion given by UFA paid off since fans started to see her talents and started liking her more which was the point of all the promotion through the dance videos on YouTube, the solo PB and DVD…

The FC event will go on for two days In February and even though we still don’t know for sure if it will be open for other than the FC members, we should get an official title and more informations when the news is announced on the official H!P site.

Hopefully the amount of fans that reserved their tickets for the first event will encourage other fans to attend this second one to support Chisa.

The event will be on 2/13~14  at Tokyo FM Hall.



5 responses

28 12 2010

I was waiting the news here ^^ great news (I´m Chisato´s fan so……best news in my short H!P life lol)

In the future, if we have more underrated girls…..they will see Chisato Story and they will fight lol

28 12 2010

I’m glad Chisato’s getting another FC event :) She’s one of the members pushed in the back at H!P/C-ute concerts so it’s nice seeing a not center person get some promotion… If only they did this to Junjun and Linlin earlier :(

I’d like to see an Aika promotion, I never see enough of her and I think she’s a sweet girl and deserve some fan club stuff. :)

28 12 2010

Now, if they could only promote Nakky… :/

28 12 2010

There are a lot of underrated girls in H!P but it’s always great to see that they started at least with Chisato which could open hopes for other girl’s promotions :)
Until we see Captain, Nakky or Aika promotion, congratulations for Chisa ^.^
And i’m so glad i got to do this article since i’m a HUGE Chisa fan =)

28 12 2010

I just get so happy when people say nice things about Mittsi >_.> :p~

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