Hello! Project – “e-Hello!” DVD Series Announced

27 12 2010

A new series of  Hello! Project DVDs titled e-Hello! has been announced.

The first member to go will be Nakajima Saki which DVD will be titled Hidamari (Eng: Sunny Spot) and in the first e-Hello! video released by C-ute’s channel on YouTube, Nakky talks a bit about this new concept and promotes her new DVD before showing a preview. The title is quite interesting since it fits well with Nakky’s personality and fits whith the general theme we get to see in the whole preview.

As for the preview itself which seems to be the same as the normal DVDs we get to see from the members, Saki acts cutely and smiles at the camera taking different poses between some grass, on a road, in a house (Cafe) and in a room that are always sunny and calm wearing different outfits all accompanied by a calm instrumental.

According to the e-LineUp page about the product, the DVD wil feature and Interview and a Making Of along with an Opening and Ending from Nakky herself, which we get to see in the beginning and end of the video.

This new series is quite intriguing since I didn’t notice anything different from the traditional solo DVD releases apart the Interview maybe and the new layout, and I wish to see all of the members who only have 1 solo DVD like Nakky to get their e-Hello! DVD first, but I hope that this will be a unique release, since no PB additions were mentionned.

Hopefully, all H!P members get a chance to participate in this series and have their own solo e-Hello! DVD, and since all of Momusu, Berryz and C-ute members now have at least one solo release, fans must know what to expect and hopefully support them.

The release date is set for 2/5.

e-LineUp page for Nakajima Saki’s DVD



One response

27 12 2010

wa~ I’m glad she was the 1st member to get it ^.^
since she didn’t got a DVD from her 1st PB ._.

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