C-ute’s 15th Single Announced, Titled” Kiss Me Aishiteru”

27 12 2010

C-ute’s 15th single titled Kiss Me Aishiteru has been announced. The single was revealed on Okai Chisato’s post in the C-ute blog.

According to Chisa the release will be a more cool, mature song compared to their previous single Aitai Lonely Christmas.

For now we only have the announcement on the blog so we don’t know for sure how many versions will be released, but I’m glad to see that we get the announcement of their next single along with a date and a title since it gives us some time to start thinking about what sound and outfits we can expect for this release.

The title Kiss Me Aishiteru seems somewhat generic for an idol release but compared to their previous releases it seems to have a more mature tone, which is great news since it gives C-ute a chance to release songs that are a bit more grown up.

The mention that this release will be more cool and mature is a great sign that can expect to see something a bit more lively than Aitai Lonely Christmas so hopefully we get to hear a preview soon so we can find out just how cool and mature it is for ourselves.

I will update with the confirmation with the different editions for this single.

The release date is set for 2/23.

Official C-ute Blog Post About Single




2 responses

28 12 2010

an even more mature song than aitai lonely christmas ????
ALC was pretty mature already :o

i LOOOVEEE the pic btw :D

28 12 2010

Awesome! I love songs that have the words Aishiteru, Ai, Suki etc in the title XD Idk why though lol

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