Tsuji Nozomi Has Given Birth To Her 2nd Child

26 12 2010

After a recent blog post that her water had broken and she was in labor a few hours ago, Tsuji Nozomi has posted that her 2nd child, a boy, has been born.

She hasn’t stated what his name will be but he was born at 1:32 PM on December 26 and weighs 2.7 kg.

I was a bit surprised to see that Tsuji seemed to be calm throughout the event since she managed to post that her water had broken on her blog a few hours ago, but it’s great to see that everything went perfectly and that there is a new member of the Sugiura family.

It’s great to point out that the baby and Noa were both born on the 26th (Noa was born on 11/26 and the baby on 12/26), so most likely those two months will be somewhat busy next year for the happy couple, and while she hasn’t revealed a name yet we will most likely get to find out soon after Tsuji gets a chance to rest.

Congratulations Tsuji and Taiyo!

Tsuji’s Blog Post About Her Baby




15 responses

26 12 2010

Congratulations, Tsuji!

Will you update us on the name of the baby when it’s revealed? I can’t read Japanese :(

26 12 2010

I can’t read that much Kanji either but I will update with the name when Tsuji announces it ^_^

26 12 2010

it said on her same blog that the baby’s name was
‘まめた’ mameta.

26 12 2010

From what I understand that’s the nickname that Noa gave the baby, I’m not sure if that will be the name of the baby though ^_^;

27 12 2010

ooh ok now i get it! thanks :)
i thought mameta sounded weird for a name cuz its like a bean.. lol!

26 12 2010

Congrats to Tsuji and Ultraman!

26 12 2010

Wow that is amazing!!! <3 OMEDETOU!
And to think she will be on stage performing in a few months.. she is incredible!

26 12 2010

Omedetou Gozaimaasu!!
I feel so happy for both of them~
That baby looks so super sweet *_*

26 12 2010

cograts Tsuji and taiyo and Noa for the new baby

26 12 2010

Yay!! Congratulations to Tsuji!

26 12 2010

My favorite musume congratulations!!! Those are some really nice pictures, i’m so happy for them

26 12 2010

wow he was almost a christmas baby ^_^ congrats to tsuji and the family

26 12 2010

Congrats Nono-chan!!!!
By the way, her baby is cute~!! >w<

28 12 2010

I miss Aibon Kagochii…

28 12 2010
C'est la Vie

Non announced on her blog that they named the baby “Seia”

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