Morning Musume 9th Generation Finalist Details Released

25 12 2010

The names and ages of the finalists for Morning Musume’s 9th Generation have been released.

They are as followed:

Ikuta Erina, 13 years old

Otsuka Aina, 12 years old

Sayashi Riho, 12 years old

Suzuki Kanon, 12 years old

Mogi Minami, 11 years old

From the Bijou Gaki video of the audition I think all of them would fit into Morning Musume very well. This is something I thought I never would’ve said because I was sure I wouldn’t like the 9th generation. Most of them exceeded my expectations in singing and dancing and for those of them that didn’t, I can see them improving in those skills.

I also don’t think they’re performing at their best and they are only trying to be at their best. The audition is probably making them stress and/or nervous and I’m sure all of them have messed up because of it. Plus getting harsh words from the instructors or maybe even Tsunku may lower their moral and make them perform less than their best.

Anyways the finalists that have caught my eye the most are Mogi Minami and Sayashi Riho. Mogi I’ll admit is not the strongest out of all of them but I can definitely see her improving and the fact that she’s 11 years old is what makes her stand out. If she is selected as a member she will be the youngest member to join in Morning Musume’s history.

Sayashi Riho caught my eye in singing and dancing. When she sings she does it energetically and I feel that’s an important trait to have since singing Koko ni Iruzee in a “dead” voice will ruin the performance. Also she seems the least nervous and stressed out of all of them, most likely because she had experienced an audition before and knows what it’s like so she’s able to sing with more of her personality showing.

Ikuta Erina stands out more to me in dancing. In her dancing she seems to give it 110% and she almost reminds of of Gaki in her dancing. It’s hard to explain but both of them take their dancing seriously however at the same time they’re dancing as themselves and they don’t try too hard.

Suzuki Kanon and Otsuka Aina are very talented, I like both their singing and dancing but they don’t stand out as much as the other three.

Regardless of that I wish them all good luck in the final days of the audition and if they are not chosen for Morning Musume hopefully the broadcast of the audition will get their names and faces out in the Entertainment Industry.

The 9th generation members will be announced at the H!P Winter Concert on 1/2/2011.

Update: I found the video of the audition on Bijou Gaki. The video has been uploaded on youtube so please watch it before it’s taken down.

Finalist Information Page




45 responses

27 12 2010

Hm…I think that Kanon has the looks to get by, but her singing really needs some work. She’s okay at dancing. She looks like a mix of Manoeri and Airi (when she was really young, like in Aa!) to me!
Sayashi seems like a good addition because she’s talented in all areas – singing, dancing, and stage presence. But Tsunku always surprises us by not picking those we’re expecting, so I’m not going to make any predictions!!
I’m not sure what I think about Mogi…I think she has very distinctive facial features and kind of has a chance..but she still seems to lack confidence. I tend to support the underdogs/people who get less lines (like Maasa, Ucchi from Canary Club, etc) so I kind of want her to make it!! And am I the only one who thinks she kind of looks like a young Risako??

27 12 2010

… why do I have a feeling Sayu could adopt Aina there like she was a sister? well that;d be good anyways; koha had a little tag along (Kira*Pika), might as well give the remaining half of Rainbow Pink a tag along.

I also kinda like Mogi. she’s got that little bit of a charm to her that just seems unique. personally it seems there’s more to her than meets the eye background wise. I like her that way.

i’m content with anyone though, those are simply my preferences. They all seem very unique and very talented indeed!

28 12 2010

I have 2 girls that I really want to have in 9th gen, and they are Riho and Aina. If they planned on adding a 3rd member, I would probably go with Erina, although she’s about tied with Kanon in my books. I don’t really like Minami that much, but then again, my opinion of H!P members changes over time. Still, I wish all 5 of them the best of luck and can’t wait to see the results on the 2nd!

30 12 2010

Dont like them at all, They all are too young..DONT PICK ANY OF THEM!

30 12 2010

They are all roughly the same age as Goto Maki, Kago Ai, and many other Morning Musume members when they joined ^_^

If they picked older applicants it would be somewhat more difficult for them to learn a different singing and dancing technique they are used to, which is why they pick someone young since they can basically “mold” them and teach them how to sing correctly and dance in a certain way ^_^

1 01 2011

Sayashi Riho should win.

2 01 2011

1/2/2011~ does that mean 1st feb or 2nd jan??
I hope Kanon and Riho get in

2 01 2011

ohh never mind~~ the winners just released

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