Mitsui Aika – “Aika” PB Cover Released

25 12 2010

The cover for Mitsui Aika’s first photo book titled “Aika” has been released.

The cover features Mitsui in a red bikini posing with a serious smile and looking directly at the camera. I’m unsure where she is exactly but I think she could be posing in a cave, where ever she is the dark background makes her standout which is good since she is the focus here.

The title art is very simple, it’s just her name in red kanji. It’s very simple but because of the dark background the title stands out too and it matches her red bikini.

Hopefully all fans support Mitsui and buys a copy.

The release date is set for 1/26.

Wanibooks Page For Mitsui Aika’s PB



11 responses

25 12 2010

How do photo books work? Like do they also come with a DVD(making of or something)? Because I really want to buy her PB and I’d like a DVD because I like her voice as well.

25 12 2010

Photo books almost always come with a Making Of DVD in the book (I have 3 and all of them have a DVD in the back in a small sleeve), and they feature about 10 min (sometimes 20) of the Making Of plus some small comments by the idol, although most of the video is just behind the scenes ^_^

25 12 2010

Thanks. I definitely buy this, I just hope there aren’t too many bikini shots, but judging by the cover there might be a few.

25 12 2010

Wow. I’m actually not an Aika fan, but she looks awesome on that cover! Too bad someone decided to write her name in MS Paint :S

25 12 2010

Aika looks soo pretty :)
I’m so happy she’s getting a photobook after all her time in Hello!Project and Morning musume
I hope 2011 is a great year for aika!!
After Lin Lin left, she’s definitely my favorite Momosu member!! She’s soo happy and upbeat has amazing potential :)

25 12 2010

Waaah!!! F… Cute!!!! Aika now is my 5th favorite in regular line of mm jajaja.

Just kidding, she’s adorable.

25 12 2010

She’ s hot!!!
Gonna get this…. hihi


25 12 2010

Yah I know, right??? I didnt think she could look this good! O.O

26 12 2010
Billy Jean

Are you ready Adode? For the moment of Aika glory this 26th.

More and more people need to see this wonderful girl and how much she has grown the last three years.

I love her and she has such a kind heart

26 12 2010

I’m never a fan of bikini-covers. XD
(Because, were I to ever buy a PB, it’d be awkward to have it viewable to others… at least if the cover has clothes, people won’t think of porn. Main reason for not buying a PB is ’cause I’m poor~)

Mittsi looks great, but I don’t like the camera angle. Makes it look low-budget (which it very well might be, but looks a whole lot nicer than Kanna’s PB). But I think a cover of her smiling and showing her energy would of been much more interesting [and less redundant of H!P].
I hope Mittsi gets a lot of cute poses and attires; ones that reflect her character would be nice. =3

27 12 2010

the google translation (which is never right but gives a pretty good idea) says it’s “life size teenage dream”… I’m thinking they’re gonna be some shots of Aika at carnivals or something close like that… maybe even a shot of her in the mall? lol i don’t know about you everyone else but everyone here goes to the mall if your that age.

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