Shuukan Yoro! Vol 71 ~Holiday Edition~

24 12 2010

Site Updates:

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to Everyone!

Like last year I have decided to wish everyone a merry Christmas and happy Holidays in a special edition of Shuukan Yoro!, so hopefully everyone is enjoying the holidays so far.

Before anything else, if you remember a week ago I mentioned how I had contacted the authors, and after a busy week I’m glad to announce the two new authors – ladylibra92 and Ayuchii!

I asked them to write a special introduction for all H!P fans who read the blog, so here are their messages:


Hi my name is Dianna! I’m a big fan of Buono and Morning Musume, my favorite members are Niigaki Risa and Takahashi Ai.

To all H!P fans around the world I wish you a happy holiday!


Minna-san, I’d like to introduce myself to you ^.^

I’m Ayumi also known as Ayuchii and i’m a 15 year old fan =)

I am really glad to be working within the H!SN team and i assure you i’ll do my best at delivering news in the best way possible so you can enjoy them :)

Please support both me and my teammate since we will be here for quite some time ^.^

I hope you will like my work and I promise to not deceive anyone of you, H!SN fans :)

Minna, Arigatou Gozaimasu!! <3 =D

Both of the new authors have already had a chance to post a few posts during last week, and so far they are doing great by getting used to the layout really fast.

So that being said, everyone please congratulate the two new authors of the H!SN family!

Instead of filling the post up with many different videos I decided to only add two of my favorites, one I featured last year titled “Winter Story” from Buono, and while it might seem like a repeat it seems like a a necessary addition since they will release a new single in a few months I thought it would be a great song to celebrate their return and the holidays at the same time:

Video uploaded by: Hoshii66

Like most of you remember C-ute released a Christmas themed song titled “Aitai Lonely Christmas” a few weeks ago, and while it might be a ballad it is still an impressing song with a holiday sound (despite not being that happy), but please enjoy C-ute’s latest PV since it’s an amazing song nonetheless:

Video uploaded by: ocutechannel

As part of a special gift I have worked all day today (literally from morning to an hour before a Christmas dinner) and I have updated most of the sections of the site. The “Upcoming Releases” page is up to date with all of the latest links to H!P products and the Schedule page has been updated (I will update it again to include the OG concert tour and the C-ute and S/mileage tour).

My other part of the gift to fans will be the Buono review which will be up in a few hours, I will detail more below on the review section of this post. The snow effect on the blog will be up for a week or so until the holidays are over so everyone please enjoy them since it’s a great symbol of this great time of the year.

From ladylibra92, Ayuchii, and me we wish you a merry Christmas, happy Holidays, and we hope you have a wonderful time with family and friends.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from H!SN !

Polls: The winner for this poll was Okai Chisato with 422 votes (50%), congratulations Chisa! Nakajima Saki came in second with 216 votes (25%) and Yajima Maimi came in third place with 211 votes (25%).

There was a total of 849 votes for this poll.

Congratulations Chisa!

With Chisa’s recent jump in popularity it’s not surprising to see that she took the majority of votes since she has released many dance covers on Youtube, a few solo songs on iTunes, as well as her 1st PB which has long been waited for by Chisa fans.

It’s interesting to see that she got almost the same amount of votes as Yajima and Nakky combined, since it shows us that Chisa has a loyal and strong fan base, and even though Yajima and Nakky didn’t win this time I wish them the best of luck in their next poll, but meanwhile congratulations Chisa!

Just a reminder for those who don’t vote: If you do have a chance please vote since it only takes two clicks and you help your favorite member appear as member of the week!

Next poll will feature Sugaya Risako, Suzuki Airi, and Fukuda Kanon so everyone please vote for the next H!P member of the week!

To make it easier for fans I will provide the direct link to the poll HERE.

Please vote!

Reviews: After about 5 months I will release the next review by tonight or tomorrow morning, just in time for Christmas!

Sorry for the long overdue release but I had a few PC problems last week and since I usually write the reviews on my computer instead of on WordPress I had to write most of the review a few times due to many events (the first time because I didn’t understand what I wrote during the school semester, and the second and third times due to a blackout).

But after all this time I am glad to have the review almost finished, I only have to finish reviewing the songs, which shouldn’t take more than a few hours, then to make a final check to make sure everything is in perfect order.

Hopefully everyone likes how the review turned out since it is fairly long, but I will let you be the judge when I release it soon.

I will update the Twitter when the review is released so please look forward to it!

Shuukan Yoro: It’s the 2nd day of Tanaka Reina’s week about “Politics”

Today’s topic will be about different birth places for each Prime Minister as well as a few fun facts about them, and while the class might be closer to a real history class because of the many facts it was an interesting class for many reasons.

First we get to see how many Prime Ministers come from each one of Momusu’s hometowns, and apart from finding out that Koha knows quite a bit about history we get to also see Reina eat ice cream in front of everyone.

The episode was fun to see since it does contain many facts, and since they are taught by Reina it seems like a great class for Momusu fans.

Hopefully everyone can watch the episode:




8 responses

24 12 2010

Merry Christmas!
Thank you for all the great posts all this year!
Hope your Christmas is a brilliant one!

25 12 2010

Merry Christmas! And am glad to see ladylibra92 and Ayuchii on board! Yoroshiku onegai shimasu!

25 12 2010

Congrats to ladylibra92 and Ayuchii! Glad you could join the H!SN team. Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays to all three of you. I’m looking forward to another year of reading this blog and thanks for your hard work.

And congrats to Chisato for the poll though I’m sad Maimi didn’t win.

25 12 2010

congrats, ladylibra92 and Ayuchii!! XD

25 12 2010

Happy Christmas to you too and congratulations on finding the authours, I’m sure they will make a great addition to the team and hopefully lesson some of your workload XD Hope you’re having a great time and enjoying yourself~


25 12 2010

Here’s just a small Christmas Present from me:
I hope you like it and I look forwards to another great year or H!P~

25 12 2010

Thank you! ^o^
I loved it, thank you very much, you’re really talented ^_^

I look forward to a great year of H!P as well, with 9th generation joining in a few weeks it should be a very interesting next few months ^o^

26 12 2010
Billy Jean

Welcome ladies to the Sayunii team ~ ( ̄□ ̄)!!

It’ll be fun to get some different perspectives and writing prose around here.
Buono fangirls…hmm, not exactly a pro Musume perspective. I like them though, they get to be really cool in that group too.

You must be excited about Sakura-con then with the chance to see Berryz live,
actually I’m not sure where you two are from.

Oh and I’m a huge Aika-chan fan, she seems to have really interesting relationships with some of the Berryz and C-ute members. Please keep her in your hearts and mind

Welcome and Happy Holidays to you all! ~ ^ω^)/

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