Kikkawa Yuu Has Completed Her H!P Egg Training

24 12 2010

According to a recent H!P site post Kikkawa Yuu has completed her Hello! Pro Egg training.

From what I understand, Kikkawa will be the opening act for the next H!P concert tour from 1/2 ~ 1/23 in preparation for future work.

After Sengoku completed her training I didn’t expect to hear the same news again so soon for another Egg, but I am very surprised by the way Kikkawa’s announcement was done since it says that she will be the opening act for some of the concerts, which is a great sign that she will probably become a solo artist or be part of a group soon (it’s too early to know for sure, but being the opening act for H!P’s concert tour is a positive sign).

Kikkawa is without a doubt a talented H!P member since she has been in Milky Way apart from appearing in various movies and dramas, so I am glad to see that she will be appearing as an opening act since that means that Tsunku is aware of her talent and she will most likely have a great start to her career in a few weeks.

For now the announcement wasn’t that clear about what to expect from her but it does say to please support the future Kikkawa Yuu so all we can do is wait and see until the concert tour beings, but hopefully we find out soon what UFA’s plans are for her (and Sengoku) since the recent “H!P Egg training completion” announcements are a bit out of the ordinary.

Kikkawa will be the opening act for the H!P Winter concert tour from 1/2 ~ 1/23.

Official H!P Announcement About Kikkawa Yuu




21 responses

24 12 2010

Good for her :D!!!

24 12 2010

She’s so talented and i’m so happy for her!!
I hope they’ll make a new group soon it’s better than naking Yuu a soloist but j’ll definitly support her in both cases!!!!

24 12 2010

Well this is a surprise! Another H!P egg finished their training and it’s been announced out of nowhere… What is that Tsunku up to?

24 12 2010

yaaay!! My favourite egg completed her training and will get more spotlight ^____^ I’m so happy for her. I hoped that she would be in another group/soloist since MilkyWay =D

24 12 2010

Awww, very good ^^.

Beware that the two announcements have been made at different websites: Yuu’s was made at the H!P homepage while that for Minami was made at the Up Front Fanclub homepage, so I think that Minami is going to leave H!P.

24 12 2010

She might be leaving, but I think it’s much more likely that she’ll be inactive.

And since Kikka was mentioned to be the opening act for the next WH concert, that’s something that concert-goers would like to know. More than just her fans, as with Sengoku’s case.

24 12 2010


24 12 2010

“Kikkawa will be the opening act for the H!P Winter concert tour from 1/2 ~ 1/23.” Sugoi!

First Minami-chan, and then Yuu-chan! Yuu-chan is a 3rd-gen egg. Minami-chan is a 1st generation egg o.O Maybe Mori Saki and some other eggs will graduated and join groups or act in shows =D

I find it strange that there are some 1st generation eggs born in 1991, and some from 1997 o-o And then some 9th gen eggs are older born in ’96! Sugoi…

24 12 2010

Age doesn’t equal talent <3
(They just audition at different times)

25 12 2010

Yeah lol but It’s still funneh to me XD How 1st gen members must have joined at like 7 or 8 like maimai

24 12 2010

And does this mean she can be add into any current group? Like C-ute?

24 12 2010

No, I don’t think that will happen. :/ Kinda wish it would, but it’s not like Momusu. Since C-ute hasn’t added any members before, and they’ve been together for so long, I think it would be too awkward and too late to add more people in. D:

24 12 2010

LOL, Tsunku’s probably having fun with announcing all these EGG graduates XD
Kikka stands out a lot more than Sengoku, so I am much more used to her. (That means that I am happy for Kikka XD)

I would like to see Akari, Anri, Sayaa, and morisaki be amongst the next graduates… of course, that’s mere wishing and I won’t be adamant about who “should” be next.

24 12 2010

She’s one of my favourite Eggs!
It will be a lot of work on Tsunku, but I really hope he makes a new group from the Eggs… Or if some 9th gen Momusu runner-ups become Eggs, train them a bit and then a new group is made…

24 12 2010

I love Yuu chan in Milky Way!! I’m so glad she’s going to be doing something again~

24 12 2010

Seeing Kikka is well suited for both solo and Morning Musume, I’d personally like Mikitty’s situation with her. it’ll certainly go over well with her I bet.

24 12 2010

I and some 2ch fans have payed attention to the date of her announcement.
5 finalists of 9th gen.members were introduced on 12/24’s TV program “Bijogaku”,–and the same day Kikkawa’s completion of Eggs was announced on H!P website. And compareing with sayashi—
Sayashi graduated from ASH on 9/19—then introduced as finalist of audition on 12/24.–and final result will be announced on 1/2.
Kikkawa’s completion of Eggs was announced on 12/24–and she will perform “Opening act” on 1/2. Thus,both girls completed their training and
will be introduced on 1/2. So,tehre may be a little possibility of her joining to
Momusu. “Age” problem–Up Front has done many exceptional cases.

24 12 2010

You’re right ^_^
There is a chance that Kikkawa might become a Momusu member since the announcement was a bit too close to the Bijo Gaku special about the 9th generation ^_^

Tsunku has done a lot of stuff we didn’t expect, like adding Fujimoto Miki to the 6th generation and adding Jun Jun and Lin Lin to the 8th generation, so we don’t really know what to expect for the concert on 1/2, but I’m excited to find out in a few weeks who will be part of the 9th generation ^_^

25 12 2010

does someone know what will happen to an egg when they finish their training? Will they join groups? Will they go solo? Or will they leave? I really don’t have an idea..
But, I wish Kikka will go solo!! I like her since I heard milkyway. I think her voice is cute and she might be a successful soloist…

25 12 2010

It depends on what UFA is planning for them, they might graduate from show business and return to a normal life (not likely for Kikkawa), graduate to become a UFA Egg who focuses on acting (like Nocchi), graduate to become a soloist (like Mano), or graduate to join a group (like Kanna or Lin Lin), so to answer your question we don’t really know until UFA releases more info ^_^

But she will most likely go solo or join a group, she’s the opening act for H!P during all of January, so something good must be planned for her ^_^

25 12 2010

The news of kikkawa and sengoku completing their training around the time of announcing the kyuu-ki members of mm. Is it just me or does a veryyy suspicious feeling come to surface. Idk what tsunku is thinking, but he’s up to something!

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