Shimizu Saki “Shimizu Saki” Wanibooks PB Cover Released

23 12 2010

The Wanibooks cover for Shimizu Saki’s 1st solo PB titled Shimizu Saki has been released.

This cover was released a while ago but we weren’t sure at 100% if it was the regular or the Wanibooks edition cover, but for now it seems it’s the Wanibooks cover, although the possibility of it being the regular PB is still on.

The cover feautures a simple yet amazing picture of Captain outdoors, posing in a really cute way in the sunshine, and the most surprising thing has to be the fact that she isn’t posing in a bikini, which is a really nice change although it could be disappointing for bikini-cover fans.

In the picture, Saki is looking calmly at the camera with her hand behind her head, wearing a nice buttoned deep blue blouse which suits her very well, and she is smiling peacefully toward us, and her simple attitude makes the cover really unique and attractive with this amazing picture of her.

As for the title art, it’s written in contrast with the green background behind it and is slowly fading away while coming closer to Saki, and the effects along with the curves of the title describes makes it really unique and I have to say I liked the many effects that combine perfectly with the awesome picture of Captain.

Overall the cover turned out to be better than I expected and I’m really happy to see this simple and unique cover that compliments Saki’s calm side. Even if we don’t know for sure which cover this is, we should get a confirmation soon.

I hope that Captain fans can pre-order and buy her PB to support her and discover all the great pictures it must contain.

The release date is set for 1/12.

Amazon page about PB




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