Ishikawa Rika – “Lucky” PB Cover Released

22 12 2010

The cover for Ishikawa Rika’s 11th PB titled Lucky has been released.

When I first saw the cover I wasn’t that surprised to see that the focus of the picture seems to be on her “assets” but since she isn’t an H!P member any more it seems that the theme of her PBs seems to be a bit more adult than what we are used to seeing in H!P.

Despite that I really liked how the cover looked since we get to see Rika wearing a cute pink top while smiling at the camera with a wall of light behind her, and since the title just features “Lucky ☆” in white cursive and “Rika Ishikawa” in pink cursive in small font on the top it seems like the perfect cover since the main focus is on Rika who looks amazing.

Apart from the cover a few previews were released:

The bikini picture looks amazing since we get to see Rika with a blue bikini in front of a great beach setting, and while the focus seems to be on her lower part of the bikini I really liked the look on her face, as for the picture on the right I am amazed at how great Rika looks since the light, the cute pink outfit, and the warm cozy bed setting all combine to form an impressing picture.

Hopefully Rika fans reserve their copy of the PB since the cover and previews we have seen so far are all stunning.

The release date  is set for 1/19.

Ishikawa’s Blog With Cover

Wanibooks Page For Rika’s PB



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