C-ute “Cutie Musical Akuma no Tsubuyaki ~Akuma de Kyutto na Seishun Grafitti~” DVD Cover Released

22 12 2010

The cover for C-ute’s recent musical play titled Cutie Musical Akuma no Tsubuyaki ~Akuma de Kyutto na Seishun Grafitti~ has been released.

The preview for the DVD cover is almost identical to the promotional poster despite the small preview I can spot a few differences. First they’ve added the words DVD by the title, it is of course the DVD and they want fans to know that. Second the member names that were displayed on the poster have been removed and with that being removed their outfits  are more clearly seen without the names distracting them.

The outfits are devil themed one and it looks amazing on them, what I like the most about the outfits is a majority of it is black. If the colors had been swapped (the color parts were now the black parts) then the colorful outfits would be quite distracting.

Another thing I wanted to mention is a few of the member’s color has been swapped, for example Nakky and Airi are both in their member color while Maimi, Maimai, and Chisato’s color have been rotated.

Hopefully all fans buy a copy when it’s released since there hasn’t been much previews on what the play was like and it’s a great way to support your favorite artist.

The release date is set for 1/19.

Official H!P Page For C-ute’s Stage Play DVD



2 responses

22 12 2010

thats awesome.. but kinda already knew the cover would be that…
but still awesome xD

and cant wait till it finally releases xD

22 12 2010

nice~~awesome cover

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