Sengoku Minami Has Completed Her H!P Egg Training

21 12 2010

According to a recent UFA news post Sengoku Minami has completed her Hello! Pro Egg training.

Her “next” activity as an H!P Egg member will be as part of the cast for the play Q – Anata wa Dare? which will run through the end of March to early April.

I was very surprised to see this announcement since this is the first time I have seen UFA mention something about an H!P Egg completing her training, and while we don’t really know what that means it most likely means that she will continue her activities without being an Egg.

This seems like the best way for Sengoku to go on with her career since she has been an H!P Egg since 2004 and has been part of Ongaku Gatas and various plays, but while we don’t know exactly why she is “completing her training” (since the post is somewhat unclear) it will be great to find out when we get more info.

Most fans will most likely be wondering about the timing which seems to match with Momusu’s 9th generation, but since she will continue being an Egg until April it seems like it isn’t possible, although as we all know everything is possible with Tsunku (although it doesn’t seem likely).

Hopefully we find out soon what she will do after she completes her training.

Her next event will be at Ikebukuro Sunshine at a play titled Q – Anata wa Dare? from 3/30 ~ 4/6.

UFA Announcement About Sengoku Minami



7 responses

21 12 2010

I think I’m acctually praying for her to be in Momusu

21 12 2010

Yes, this happening around the the same time as 9th gen is curious…
Either that, or a solo act maybe? I doubt Tsunku would start a new group already, especially since she’s the only one who finished the training?
But with Tsunku, he works in mysterious ways… -A-;
It takes 6 years to complete Egg training?! Some girls aren’t even in Momusu that long!!

21 12 2010

I think the training completion rate is determined by experience and/or personal achievements more-so than years; most of the “Gen1” EGGS would also be completing their training, were six years the case.

Hopefully, Sengoku will not become an inactive member once she’s finished with the play. But the play coincides with the given dates for the Momusu concert, so I won’t place any bets on her being added to the 9th gen. (Well, no specific dates were given for the play, but the Momusu concerts begin within a similar time-frame.)
I am going to hope for some sort of solo act… something with her still singing would be nice. Even singing in WH concerts sounds lovely. XD
Time to wait-and-see~ <3

21 12 2010

H!P was change the training programs for H!P Eggs, Minami’s next activate will apparently be the stage play “Q – Anata wa Dare?” which runs from 3/30 – 4/6/2011.

21 12 2010

this is a nice surprise~ but i thought it was already said that the Eggs would stop doing Egg activities?

21 12 2010

The traditional concert at Yokohama every few months has ended, but they will start a new training format next year ^_^

We don’t know what exactly but they will basically train in a different way, but Minami has apparently completed her training and will do something else, at least that’s what we can guess from the announcement ^_^

24 12 2010

Sengoku’s next activity is a stageplay, so maybe she’ll move on to just UFA in general like Noto did, only as an actress?

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