Berryz Koubou – “Magical Future” Full Preview Released

21 12 2010

The full preview for Berryz Koubou’s song titled Magical Future has been released.

For the most part the song has a unique and somewhat calm, edgy, and upbeat sound which features vocals from all of the members, and while I haven’t heard it more than once I did like the way the song sounded since there were many catchy parts with equal vocals for everyone.

First, the vocals are almost equally split between everyone which was a bit surprising since I was expecting to hear either Risako, Kumai, or Momo as the main vocalists, but instead we got to hear each member sing a few lines then sing along with the group during the chorus, which was a nice addition.

The instrumental featured many effects which sometimes seemed to overcome the vocals, the only part I didn’t like that much was the bridge of the song since it didn’t really have any high points, but for the most part I liked the way the full instrumental sounded since it fit in with the vocals well.

Overall it is a great song to have as a bonus for Inazuma Eleven or Berryz Koubou fans since it is slightly catchy and it features all of the members, and even though it might be a bit calmer than I expected I did like the way the chorus and instrumental sounded.

Hopefully fans buy the soundtrack so that they can own the song.

The soundtrack was released on 12/22.

Video uploaded by: silentswordsman1208




4 responses

21 12 2010

Wow! Miya and Risa got 5 lines and the rest got 2! That’s really good! But meh..Miya and Risa are the leads again :p

Every group has a main 2:
Ai and Reina – Once was Fuji and Yossie – Once was Rika – Once was Nacchi and Kao-chan(sometimes)
Airi and Maimi/Megu
Miya and Risa/Momo – Yurina

And S/mileage you ask? Kanono and Yuukarin. Was once Sakitty but never Wada o.o

21 12 2010

XD Ai/Reina, Mikitty/Yossie wasn’t got much, only Miki (she is usually Minor vocal), Rika/Kaorin were Minor vocalists and Nacchi is… obviously :))

Airi is Main in every major single, Maimi usually Leads, but sometimes Minor, too ^^, Megumi is Lead 2 of her 4 singles =.=”

You should divine into this: Miya, Risa and Momo/Yuri, because Miya and Risa lead more than the other 2 and Risa leads more than Miya, Momo and Yuri don’t often lead ^^”””

In S/Mileage, well: Yuuka, Sakitty/Kanon. Because Yuuka leads in EVERY singles, Sakitty leads in 6 of 8 (except Otona and Onaji XD), Kanon leads in 5 of 8 (except: aMa, Imasugu, Yume), Ayaka leads in one single and that single is an everybody-leads single XD (Ganabaranekutemo XD XD XD)

Is this Berryz Koubou’s 25th single? 0.0

21 12 2010

O.O the first song i thought of when i heard the first beat was SDN48’s gagaga after that it doesnt sound like it anymore haha

21 12 2010

Personally, I think Berryz sounded best with the Punk Pop Rock sound so this single feels like a step in the wrong direction to me. Granted, it’s nowhere near as awful as Shining Power is to me but Berryz needs better songs than this.

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