Tanaka Reina Solo DVD Announced

20 12 2010

According to a recent blog post, Tanaka Reina will be releasing a solo DVD, currently untitled, next year. The DVD was confirmed by a staff Twitter account which mentioned that the DVD will be available on E-Lineup soon.

When I first read the announcement I was a bit surprised since it has been about at least two years since Reina has released a PB or DVD (her last PB release being Very Reina in October 2008), and since this news was confirmed by Reina and staff it seems like Reina fans will finally get a chance to enjoy another release from her.

Like most PB releases we get the solo DVD announcement first, but it’s just a matter of time until we get a confirmation for her 8th PB (I’m about 99% sure that she will) so hopefully fans are looking forward to that.

I will update with any specific dates or PB confirmations when they are released.

The release date is set for next year.

Tanaka Reina blog Post About DVD

eastazabu Twitter Post About DVD




4 responses

21 12 2010

Gomen Ado you made a liiiitle mistake XD Not her 8th PB, her 7th solo PB =D

25 12 2010

I think it’s her 8th PB, but I’m not sure ^_^;

I used this page to find out how many PBs she has:

Since she has 7 already (including an Alo Hello!) then this might be her 8th ^_^;

21 12 2010

I has been waiting for a long time!!!! I will buy it, my reina!!!!!!!!!!!

21 12 2010

It’s been a while, still I’m looking forward to it.

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