“Hello! Channel Vol.3” Cover Released

18 12 2010

The cover for Hello! Project’s Hello! Channel Vol.3 mook has been released.

The cover features Ai and Airi wearing little red riding hood and Peter Pan outfits in front of a log cabin while standing at the door, and while it doesn’t appear to be a festive cover for the holidays it is a unique way of showing off a fairy tale theme, and despite it being a bit too calm I am very impressed with how it looks.

It seems that Ai has been in all of the covers since the mook started, which is somewhat disappointing since there are about 22 members in H!P who would equally look great on the cover, but since she is the leader of H!P we will most likely see her in many more covers in the future.

Despite that I really like the fairy tale theme since it’s unique and interesting way to show off Ai and Airi, and along with the great outfits we get to see them standing at a door which isn’t that exciting but still a great way for the editors to add in the titles of the many sections in the book (it would be great if they added just a few instead of all of them since the cover looks a bit like a table of contents page).

Hopefully fans reserve their copy of the mook since it looks like it will be a unique and interesting release.

The release date is set for 12/27.




5 responses

18 12 2010

I like Airi’s outfit but I think Ai looks a little goofy in the Robin Hood outfit. Kind of a strange cover IMO.

18 12 2010

they shouldve swapped outfits, i think peter pan wouldve suited airi a bit more..

18 12 2010

I was thinking Takkity would be the guy that killed the wolf

18 12 2010

ai loooks like tinkerbell xD F… cute!!!

19 12 2010

Just looking at the cover makes me think “huh?” Lol. If they’re going to Disneyland then that makes sense but the cover image just seems kinda confusing…

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