Shuukan Yoro! Vol 70

17 12 2010

Site Updates: First I would like to say that the site recently received it’s highest number of visits in one day: 5,942! I remember when I first started the site that I felt really accomplished when I got 100 votes in one day, but to now have almost 6,000 visits in one day is one of the best things that could happen since that means that many fans view the site.

Thank you to everyone who visits the since it’s an honor to report about H!P news each day, and even though the number of views was most likely due to Kamei, Jun Jun, and Lin Lin’s graduation it’s great that so many fans read the post since it took quite a bit of time to do (about four hours), so thank you once again!

That being said, I have already contacted the people who applied to be authors and hopefully by this weekend I can get the results to find out what I’m going to do in regards of who is going to do what. I haven’t decided specifically how I’m going to do it, but I should have that all planned out soon.

Apart from that I plan on starting to work on the Discography section again apart from finishing a long overdue review by this weekend, so hopefully can do that and start on other improvements. I used the last week to catch up on some posts and to start brainstorming some new improvements I want to do on the site, and I have some good ideas but first I have to improve everything I have then I can move on to the new sections.

The new authors will hopefully start posting as soon as possible so please look forward to that, but meanwhile I plan to update all the overdue sections by this weekend (Upcoming Releases, Birthday, Discography, etc).

Polls: The winner for this poll was Niigaki Risa with 386 votes (43%), congratulations Gaki! Takahashi Ai came in second with 376 votes (41%) and Mano Erina came in third place with 143 votes (16%).

There was a total of 905 votes for this poll.

Congratulations Gaki!

The poll was picked at random like all of the rest, although even I have to admit that it was a bit unfair since Ai was going against Gaki and Mano, but despite that the results were very surprising to say the least

For the most part Mano stayed in third place for most of the week, which is somewhat disappointing but expected, although the most surprising part was that Ai was slowly overcome by Gaki and they stayed head to head for the last few days. Apart from that the voting total for this poll was more than 900 votes, which is always great to see since that means more fans voted to give us a clearer view of who is the winner.

I usually just put up a poll and don’t look at the results that much until the week is over so that I can put up my opinion when I see the results at the end of the week, but I did check the results many times more throughout the past few days since it was interesting to see Gaki and Ai’s results so close.

In the end the winner was Gaki by about ten votes, which is great for many reasons the biggest of them being that she won against Ai, who hasn’t lost almost any polls she has been in (except for a poll with Risako and Kamei), but I’m glad that Gaki won since it’s great to see the support she has from fans.

Ai will most likely win in her next poll, but nonetheless better luck to her and Mano next time, but for now congratulations to Gaki!

Just a reminder for those who don’t vote: If you do have a chance please vote since it only takes two clicks and you help your favorite member appear as member of the week!

Next poll will feature Yajima Maimi, Nakajima Saki, and Okai Chisato so everyone please vote for the next H!P member of the week!

To make it easier for fans I will provide the direct link to the poll HERE.

Please vote!

Reviews: I have almost finished the review and even though I had to redo a few sections I plan on releasing it before Monday since I will be out tomorrow at an event.

Sorry for the long overdue release but I had to redo some stuff in the review which seemed to have been done in a hurry (since I did most of it during the school semester I didn’t have that much time to spare which meant that I had to rush through it, as a result most of it didn’t make sense), but I will finish it for sure before or on Monday so please look forward for it.

I will update the Twitter when the review is released so please look forward to it!

Shuukan Yoro: It’s the 1st day of Tanaka Reina’s week about “Politics”

We are down to the last few members in the Yorosen series and the following teacher for the next five weeks will be Tanaka Reina! Chisato and her had the most votes from the comments on the last post but since they had a tie I decided to flip a coin and Reina was the winner, but after Reina it will be Chisa’s turn then after that so please look forward to that Chisa fans.

That being said the episode is the first in the Yorosen series so the first few minutes features an intro to the series, but after a few minutes we get to see Reina start teaching the class in a more serious way about the Prime Minister and the many benefits that he has.

The episode was a fun way to find out that the Prime Minister gets to ride the train for free as well as having a shower in his private government jet (which surprised everyone a lot more than I expected), and apart from the higher pay and the other facts about him it wasn’t that exciting but still a nice way to learn something from Reina.

Hopefully all Reina and Momusu fans watch the episode since it’s an interesting start to her week:



2 responses

18 12 2010

i never though gaki-san would beat ai-chan in this poll.. XD
also, i’m looking forward for your review.. ^_^

18 12 2010

this is a surprise to see gaki beat ai-chan… That’s a first! Ai-chan gets all the leads so I thought she was going to win but Gaki won :) They’re both my favorite members so it didn’t really matter who was going to win for me. Though I like Gaki a little bit more.

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