Kumai Yurina – “Kumaspo!” DVD Preview Released

17 12 2010

A DVD preview for Kumai Yurina’s 1st Alo Hello! PB’s Making Of DVD titled Kumaspo! has been released.

The preview features Kumai at the beach wearing a bikini, running, at the pool, as a cheerleader, doing Yoga, among many other activities and since we get to see her wearing a unique outfit in each scene it does give us a chance to check out what to expect from the PB, and for the most part I am impressed with what we got to see.

The outfits look amazing on Yurina (to say the least) and since each outfit fits in with the sport she is doing, such as a running outfit during the start of the preview and a swimming outfit while at the pool, it does seem like this PB was well planned since in each scene she does a pose related to that sport, most notably Yoga and cheerleading.

Overall the preview is a great way to find out a little bit more about what the PB will contain and I am impressed with the many sports and outfits that the preview contains since it does seem like there are many included.

Hopefully Kumai fans pick up a copy of the PB since it seems like an amazing release.

The release date is set for 12/17.

Video uploaded by: berryzchannel




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