Wada Ayaka 1st Solo DVD Announced

16 12 2010

Wada Ayaka’s 1st solo DVD, currently untitled, has been announced. A PB hasn’t been confirmed, but it will most likely be released around the same time as well.

Seeing as how Mitsui, Captain, and Chisato have recently had their own 1st PB announcements a few weeks ago I wasn’t that surprised to see that Wada will be releasing one as well since she is among the few members that still haven’t gotten their own PB release, and I’m glad to see that she finally does since she is the leader of S/mileage after all.

For now there isn’t a clear idea of what to expect but we will most likely get to see her in casual outfits as well as bikinis since almost all PBs have that theme, although we will have to wait and see to find out what kind of setting we can expect to see her in.

Like most releases the solo DVD was announced first, but since a PB is almost guaranteed to be released along with it it’s just a matter of time until we get the official confirmation, so hopefully fans reserve their copy of both the DVD and the PB when they are announced.

With this announcement the only members left to get a PB are Ogawa Saki and Fukuda Kanon, so we will most likely get a chance to see a release for them soon.

The release date is set for 3/2.

Wavemusic Page For Wada Ayaka’s 1st Solo DVD




4 responses

16 12 2010

Ohhh Good for Wada ^_^

16 12 2010

Following the same steps your partner group “yuukarin”, which launched last summer, Ayaka, the leader of the group will also have his first DVD. I’m happy with the announcement, but we still have to wait and see …

16 12 2010
Idol Stage!

Wasn’t Ogawa Saki’s pb recently announced? or am I wrong? o.o, anyway! I’M SO EXCITED!!! Ayacho is my fave member! I hope she sells a lot and the dvd is a little more fun to watch! ♥

17 12 2010

^ Ogawa’s PB was a hoax. A joke.

Anyway, that’s a long waiting period, almost 3 months before it’s released. And Now it’s time for Fukuda to get one.

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