S/mileage Single V Clips DVD Announced

16 12 2010

A Single V collection for S/mileage titled S/mileage Single V Clips has been announced.

It’s great to see that S/mileage will finally get their first Single V clip compilation DVD since it gives fans who can’t buy all of the Single V’s a chance to own at least some of the many PV versions there are, and while this release hasn’t been confirmed by other sites it seems like it’s just a matter of time until it is since they already have about 8 PVs (with their latest single) out.

The site doesn’t list that much information about the DVD apart from it featuring an alternate version of their 4th single’s PV Shortcut as well as the Making Of, but we will most likely get to see at least one version of all of their PVs in the DVD as well.

Hopefully we get to see a confirmation soon since this release seems like a great way for fans to enjoy S/mileage’s PVs.

The release date is set for 2/16.

Wave Music Page For S/mileage’s Single V Clips




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