Morning Musume 9th Generation Finalists Revealed

16 12 2010

5 of the finalists auditioning for Morning Musume’s 9th generation have been revealed.

Here are a few snapshots of them:

It’s amazing to see that from the over 9,000 applicants we are finally down to the final 5, and while we don’t really get to see that much footage of them performing it is great to see that we at least know that the members (or member) of the 9th generation are among these girls.

From looks alone I would say that the 2nd and 3rd girls (from top to bottom on the pictures above) look like they would fit in with Momusu well (the first three girls seem to have plenty of energy when singing), but I would have to hear all of them sing or dance to know for sure whether or not they seem like idol material.

Since we only have a short video of one girl singing a few lines from Aitai Lonely Christmas (3rd girl) and a girl dancing in front of the instructor (4th girl) we don’t have that much to really know for sure who is the most talented, but since they were chosen from 9,000 applicants it is safe to say that the judges have picked girls that have something that sets them apart from the rest.

It seems that we will find out next week who passed and who didn’t, so hopefully we get to see many talented members join.

Here is the video from Bijo Gaku of the audition, although I suggest you watch it as soon as possible since it will most likely be taken down soon:

Video uploaded by: mmai7s

I’m not sure if these are the final 5 finalists since it was just a small preview and there could be some more members in the full program, but it’s safe to say that these are among the final 5.

EDIT: Apparently the 3rd girl is Sayashi Riho, who some might remember appeared in the Jc&Jk audition and got a chance to perform in Momusu’s Fashionable play some time ago:

2nd from left to right

Since the Jc&Jk audition wasn’t affiliated to H!P and she does have the age requirements it’s great to see that she decided to try out and has come as far as the final 5, and from the small video segments she does seem to have talent in singing, so hopefully she gets to join Momusu’s 9th generation, although we will know for sure in a week.




27 responses

16 12 2010

does this mean no eggs passed??? Really??? No saho akari???? Aaaaarghhhhh….. Nooooo!!!!
Hmm… I haven’t seen the clip yet, i should give them at least….

16 12 2010

I don’t think so, but you never know what’s going to happen since the video was only a small preview of the audition special that will air next week ^_^

16 12 2010

The 2nd picture girl is SOOOO PRETTTY!!!!

I hope she makes it..

and I also hope some egg members make it!!!

I hope they dont only add 1 member..

16 12 2010

I Like The 1st, 2nd, and 5th Girls! Hope They Win!

16 12 2010

You say “5 _of_ the finalists”, so it’s not clear whether these 5 are the only finalists, I think.

16 12 2010

I had “The 5 finalists” before but I changed it to that since we don’t really know for sure if they are the only finalists or if more will be revealed, but we will find out for sure next week ^_^

16 12 2010

The first one is soooooo pretty~

16 12 2010
Dave Snow

The girl with the mole is a certain winner. Tsunku likes moles! (( Just kidding! But a lot of H!P girls have moles! LOL!)) I have a feeling we’ll see a couple of Eggs selected also, along with a couple or 3 of these girls. Just from my feelings and experiences with auditions. But, as adode136 said—- you never know what’ll happen!!

16 12 2010

I’m excited!!! These girls look like they have potential!!
For looks: my favourite are the first three girls. They’re soo pretty and cute
I don’t really like the fourth girl… I don’t see much from her but who knows!!
I’m excited to see who they reveal!!
Can’t wait!!!
Hopefully, Tsunku adds more than one girl to the group which I’m pretty positive he will. He can’t add more than 3 though, that’d be too much of a change.
I think three girls added to morning musume would be the ideal
than it’d just be like the beginning!!
lol right now – 5 momosu members, just like how morning musume started
add three more and than you have the second and first generation except now it would be the fifth, sixth, eighth and ninth :P

16 12 2010

LOL, it seems like such a waste if these five are really the only finalists. This part of the auditions pretty much revolves around an Idol’s work (it seems); dancing, singing, dancing and singing, and criticism.
I just hope they don’t cry too much (geez, never met harsh critique much? I kinda want a stone-hearted gal). If these girls do nothing but cry in the footage we see of them, I will hit something. XD

16 12 2010

Eri, Sayu, Reina, Ai, all cried in their auditions. So I wouldn’t be too hard on them. They’re just kids getting their first taste of how serious the industry is. For us it’s old hat, but showing them mature seems to be good television. They do it with S/mileage too on Bijo Gaku.

16 12 2010

Well, I know the reasons why; I’d just love to see one considered “stone-hearted” instead of so many shedding litres of tears. She’d win my vote in an instant! XD

Looking back at my comment, I sound like I dislike the selected girls… (If anyone took it as such, sorry) Correcting myself:
It’d be a major waste if Tsunku chooses only one-or-two out of these five. it’s practically a waste having these five compete when the group can just pass together. Hopefully, this is just to weed out the weaklings [that won’t make it in showbusiness].
(Yes, I do think it’s only these five ’cause there’s no reason to think else-wise)

16 12 2010

Feelings about 3rd Contestant, Riho:
THAT’S why she looked familiar/professional! I couldn’t stop thinking that she had professionally-styled hair, compared to the others. XD
(crap, her name’s really cute!)

16 12 2010

I’d like to see all five of them make it! I think that would really give MM some new life.

16 12 2010

The First One,Fifth one And The Second one..
I like Them..KAWAII NEE!!!!!!!

16 12 2010

Waaaa! XD
Sayashi Riho is sooo cute :D
I think she’ll pass the audition ;)
But, how about the eggs ? ?
I wish they choose at least 1 egg and 2 applicants to join momusu. 5nin / 6nin momusu is actually awkward :|

16 12 2010

I’m glad that the 2nd girl who was in the Fashionable play auditioned. It makes me think that the reason she auditioned was because she liked working with Morning Musume and thought she could look up to them as role models. Can’t wait till this audition is over, I want to know what type of people are joining

16 12 2010

Sayashi Riho is adorable!!!
i really hope she makes it! if not, i’ll still support her! ;)

“I’m not sure if these are the final 5 finalists…”
I was mislead by the title, i though these would officially be THE finalists ><

17 12 2010

Sorry, I’m not 100% sure if these are THE finalists, but from what I have read they seem to be since a girl that auditioned said that there were only 5 left ^_^

17 12 2010

On 2ch,(=Japanese Ota’s lounge site) many fans are saying that 鞘師 里保(pronounced,sa-ya-shi,ri-ho) may be chosen as 9th. She trained at “Actors school Hiroshima” and graduated in this Autumn,and came to Tokyo for further
training. Tsunku said in last night’s Bijogaku TV that the present performance
level of Momusu is very high,so it’s difficult to master for complete amateur
girls like past Momusu auditions. Sayashi seems filling this demand. Actually.
other girls have the experiences of some trainings. Sayashi is now 12 years old
and will graduate from elementary school in next March. (If she will be chosen)perhaps she will join the Momusu 2011 Spring concert tours which will start on 3/19.2011. And many 2ch fans suppose last night’s Bijogaku’s 5 girls may be
all chosen. Egg members joining is still unknown.

17 12 2010

I love the youngest girl XD Does that mean she’s under 10 years old? 0_0 And why are Ai and Reina is crying, that’s when they have been chosen or what?

17 12 2010

The first girl looks lik Shiori from Momoiro clover XD
The 2nd reminds me of Michishige for some reason o.o
The 3rd reminds me of Saho Akari – My fave egg
And the 4th one is KawaiI ^^
The 5th one looks sleepy lol

I’m hoping for an egg to join :) Yuu or Akari ^^ Maybe they’ll just be added like LinLin :D

17 12 2010

Why didn’t they remember the songs? If they were going to audition, I thought they would learn the songs and dances really well. But they look really pretty all I hope they will all make it!! I fell pity for them when they cry there… T.T

17 12 2010

ahh Rio is really cute!! I really like her :)
I hope she makes it in definitely and i have a feeling she will :)
I also really like the first and second girl, they’re very cute too!!
I think the morning musume ideal is 3 girls.
I’m just scared that these girls are too young. I mean, Ai’s 24 years old and Rio is 12. Ai is a complete 12 years older than her. I dunno how that’s gonna work but im excited to see how it does!!!
This is what momosu needs: young girls like the ai kago and tsuji and ai and risa when they first joined and older members like yaguchi, iida, nacchi in order to make it awesome!
im soo excited to see who makes it!!

17 12 2010

Does anyone know what their names are? I’m Cheering for Riho, and the second girl. I’m pretty sure they’ll both make it!! <3 <3
They're SO cute!!

19 12 2010

I would like the 1st and 3rd girl to join maby the 5th

24 12 2010

I’d like the 1st, 2nd and 4th girl to join. I don’t know why but I was just so drawn to them c_c
If Riho joins, it feels like she’s gonna be the new Reina.

I think all of them look waaay too young though. Hey, the current Momusu girls are about 20 and now they’re gonna stuff some 13-year olds into the group. They actually look younger than 13 or something. 11?

(Angelia @ H!O)

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