Mano Erina – “Seishun no Serenade” PV Released

16 12 2010

The PV for Mano Erina’s 9th single titled Seishun no Serenade has been released.

The video isn’t the full song since it cuts off at the end, but for the most part it features various scenes including a dance shot with 4 Eggs as background dancers in a classroom, scenes of Mano walking around the school and singing while sitting, and a close-up scene, and for the most part I am impressed with how great it looks.

First the song, I was expecting to hear either a cute upbeat song or a ballad but it seems that the song has a mainstream pop sound instead, which is really impressive since it features a more youthful theme with great lyrics, and while it may be a bit too repetitive it is an amazing song because of the great beat and sound.

The dance shot is set in a classroom where Mano dances in front of class along with 4 Eggs (I can only tell who two of the Eggs are: Kaneko Rie and Sengoku Minami in the middle, but not the dancers on the side), which is a very impressing shot since there are many angles and an upbeat dance.

The shot of Mano walking around the school looks impressive since we get to see her walking up stairs and going to classrooms, and apart from the small Momusu cameos (a Love Machine poster on the staircase and a Renai Revolution 21 poster in the classroom at 2:09) it didn’t really have that much to do with the PV apart from making Mano look incredible while singing (which it did).

The closeup is the same as always, a white background with Mano singing into the camera, but despite that I really liked the way she seemed to be more upbeat and dance along to the song while she looked at the camera since it fit in with the great beat of the music.

I will reserve my full judgment until I see the full PV, but for now I am impressed with the video and the many great scenes since they reflect the youthful catchy beat of the song with a school setting, and even though there aren’t that many scenes it looks amazing so far.

Hopefully a full preview for the PV is released soon.

The release date is set for 1/26.

Video uploaded by: ManoErinaCHANNEL




10 responses

16 12 2010

Woah that was fast XD The name of the song was just confirmed lol

16 12 2010

I think that three of the Eggs are Furukawa Konatsu, Sekine Azusa, and Seungoku Minami. I can’t tell who the one with the ponytail is .__.

16 12 2010

or actually, they migh be Kaneko Rie, Sekine Azusa, Sengoku Minami, and… Katsuta Rina?

16 12 2010

And how about Miyamoto Karin?

16 12 2010

Sounds good

16 12 2010

oh i love mano’s red outfit..
and the egg’s black one..

the songs is pretty ok..
never been a big fan of mano’s songs…
but guess the song is pretty good not ? xD

16 12 2010

I think this might the Mano song that wow’s me. O_O

17 12 2010

hahaha she is also wearing something that looks like Morning Musume’s Morning Coffee outfits :p

18 12 2010

Her voice is getting better but i see her going no where with the slow old people way H!P is. I swear it’s like they’re run by an 80 year old; they need some new hip writers up in that biotch.

19 12 2010

I’m grateful that her vocals are getting better, but…
I don’t like this as a single song. At least it’s a nice song. =P

EGGS Estimation: (left-to-right)
Konatsu Furukawa, Azusa Sekine, Minami Sengoku, and Rina Katsuta.
(Based upon bangs, current hairstyles, skin tone, and smiles)

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