S/mileage “1st Live ~Devil Smile Angel Smile~” PB Cover Released

13 12 2010

The cover for S/mileage’s PB for their 1st concert tour titled 1st Live ~Devil Smile Angel Smile~ has been released.

It seems that most of the concert PB covers feature one shot of the concert with all of the members included, and this PB is no exception since we get to see S/mileage having just performed a song (or just about to) while smiling at the crowd of fans, and while it might be a bit simple I really love the way it looks.

The title of the tour is featured on the top with a transparent “S” underneath it and wings on the side, which is a nice way of showing of the title without distracting from the girls or the group name, and since the group logo isn’t that big it does a good job of centering the focus on S/mileage.

The huge pink bar at the bottom does take up a lot of space, but since it features information about the PB and a description it does seem like a great way to find out a bit more before buying, which is perfect for casual fans.

Overall the cover is very impressive since it features all of the members of S/mileage posing while smiling at their fans, along with a great looking title and group logo which center the focus on S/mileage.

Hopefully fans reserve their copies of the PB.

The release date is set for 12/20.

S/mileage Site Page For The PB




2 responses

15 12 2010

Aren’t S/mileage and C-ute due a joint concert?

16 12 2010

I did see the post on H!O but since there isn’t a confirmation I can’t really say for sure whether that’s true or not, but it sounds like it could be done since they both have the fewest amount of members from the main groups (apart from Momusu which will be 5-nin for a few weeks) ^_^

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