Ishikawa Rika 11th PB Announced, Titled “Lucky”

11 12 2010

Ishikawa Rika’s 10th PB titled Lucky has been announced. The title of the PB is the name of her dog.

I’m glad to see that Ishikawa will release another PB since her last release was very impressing, and since she seems to be among the few M-line members to release PBs it seems like a great way for her to continue her releases.

The description on the Wanibooks site mentions something about San Francisco, as well as a leotard, mature dresses, and bikinis (it’s a bit hard to understand from the Google translation), which sounds impressing since she does seem to have a more mature tone in her PB releases lately, and while it might be only a small description it does seem like it will be a unique PB.

Hopefully Rika fans reserve their copy of the PB as soon as possible since this seems like a great release.

The release date is set for 1/19.

Wanibooks Page For Ishikawa’s PB

Ishikawa Rika Blog Post About PB




One response

12 12 2010

I’ts her birthday, when she’ ll be 26 years old!!!
How good and beautiful is our 26 yo Rika chan!? ^^

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