S/mileage’s Official Youtube Channel Opened

10 12 2010

S/mileage’s official Youtube channel is now open.

For the most part the channel looks amazing since there are many great colors on the channel (mostly just the pink plaid pattern), and since they already have more than 40 videos on the channel it is a clear sign that it will be used extensively in the future.

When I opened up the channel I expected to see only the main PVs for their singles, but I was pleasantly surprised to see that instead they have playlists for each one of their singles filled with all of the different PVs for the single, including the main PV, solo close-ups, and other solo shots.

So far the channel has more than 1000 subscribers, so it is safe to say that the channel is popular among S/mileage fans, so hopefully fans who have their own Youtube channel can subscribe to S/mileage to get notices when they upload videos.

Official S/mileage Youtube Channel




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