Risa, Reina, Momoko, Airi, and Maimi Release Solo Songs On iTunes Japan

10 12 2010

Niigaki Risa, Tanaka Reina, Tsugunaga Momoko, Suzuki Airi, and Yajima Maimi have each released a cover of Tanpopo’s song Seinaru Kane ga Hibiku Yoru.

I’m surprised to see that so many members released a cover of a song since I expected to see only one member release at a time, but it is a nice surprise and a great way for fans of each one of the girls to support their favorite member by buying their solo song.

Since I don’t have iTunes I couldn’t listen to the songs but I would encourage fans to support their member by buying the song since it seems like a great way to enjoy a solo release of your favorite member, and even though it seems that the release won’t be worldwide it seems like a great way to promote each member.

Hopefully fans support their favorite members by buying the song.

iTunes Link For Seinaru Kane ga Hibiku Yoru – Niigaki Risa

iTunes Link For Seinaru Kane ga Hibiku Yoru – Tanaka Reina

iTunes Link For Seinaru Kane ga Hibiku Yoru – Tsugunaga Momoko

iTunes Link For Seinaru Kane ga Hibiku Yoru – Yajima Maimi

iTunes Link For Seinaru Kane ga Hibiku Yoru – Suzuki Airi




6 responses

10 12 2010
Idol Stage!

Tanaka reina have a second song o.o

11 12 2010

It’s her solo, from the Marriage Album; “Heya Y Shirts to Watashi”. =3

11 12 2010

i’m disappointed that all of them released the same song :( and they all only got 1. I know they all get a lot of solos and all but just 1? AND it’s the same song too! While Eri got 9? Everyone is gonna say “Oh but Eri is graduating soon so she should get it.” But if Eri gets 9 then I expect Junjun and Linlin to also cover 9 songs too.

I don’t know.. that’s just my thought on this cover.

Plus Eri is graduating because she wants time to cure her skin problem right? In these last couple of months that she’s still with H!P it seems like they just put the load of work on her. (Album, pv, single concert etc.) Wouldn’t that make her stress even more and make her skin problem worsen?

11 12 2010

She’s under contract, still, so Erin has to do whatever they tell her. She knew of her ailment before signing with them, so UFA is not liable for any advancement that any of this extra promotion leads to. Of course, Erin may have accepted the extra workload to get off her contract early. (There are other reasons, such as her condition being a lie, etc.)

We also don’t know what these covers exactly were, or how long the releases will be spread out. Everyone could be covering the same songs, the releases could be spread out by weekly releases, along with various other reasons. We weren’t given that many [specific] details. XD
Erin’s bulk release was most likely because of her graduation. If that truly is the case, then any release from Jun or Lin is even more unlikely. It would also mean that we cannot judge how these covers will be done, for the other members. =3

(If I said anything that has been said, but goes against this–such as specific details, etc.–then sorry XD)

11 12 2010

With Chisato’s cover now released it seems like they may all be covering the same song but H!P has hundred of songs that can be chosen from so it seems kind of boring that they’re all covering the same songs as each other.

Don’t you want to listen to them cover different songs? Maybe it’s just me that wants that..

But is asking for a Junjun and Linlin cover that much? They’ve been pushed into the background their entire time w/ H!P I think it’s time for them to get something. I do think sometimes they won’t get a cover because they’re not as popular but one can still hope.. Who knows if Eri accepted/wanted more work, hello cover seems like UFA’s last minute attempt to suck out every ounce of promotion they can out of Eri. And when Eri signed up for UFA back she probably didn’t know that her condition was going to worsen, nobody knows if stuff like that is going to happen. It’s not UFA’s fault that it worsened but they should work with her to cure it, like if she asks to miss a concert to see the doctors then they should let her.

11 12 2010

Through the previews, I think Momo performed this song the best =3
Her voice was also not her “cute” voice, so that was nice. And she hit the notes. Reina didn’t even try, while Maimi seems to have not made them. Gaki and Airi hit the notes, as well, but their voices don’t seem to fit the song. =P

Of course, the preview is not long enough to judge an entire cover, so my judgment may change if/when I hear the full versions. XD

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