Official Okai Chisato’s Twitter Account Opened

10 12 2010

Okai Chisato has opened her own personal Twitter account.

Her first tweet was:

test ( #okaichansleep live at

If you remember a while back a Twitter account called okaichansleep was opened and many fans thought it was Chisato’s account although it was in fact just another staff account, and while that may have been a slight misunderstanding I am glad to see that Chisa has opened up a Twitter account since it gives her fans a place to send her messages of support.

For now most of the tweets have a link to her Ustream channel, but she has been tweeting many other UFA members, such as Tsunku and Mano, which is a safe sign that the account does seem to be verified to be hers.

I’m not that surprised to see that she has finally opened her own account since she has had a lot of success with her Youtube cover videos and her solo cover of Matsuura Aya’s Love Namida Iro, so hopefully we get to see her open up her own blog and continue to increase her popularity.

For now, I strongly suggest fans follow her account so they can be up to date on any further broadcasts and news that might appear, and even though I’m not 100% it is her (since I haven’t found a confirmation) it does seem that at least Tsunku, Mano, and Murata follow her.

Official Okai Chisato Twitter Account




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