Kusumi Koharu’s 1st M-Line FC Event Announced

10 12 2010

Kusumi Koharu will have her first M-line FC Event.

After the announcement of her essay book a few days ago I somewhat expected to see an event for it being announced later on, and I’m glad it did since this will be Koha’s 1st M-line FC event where she can promote her essay book to fans as well as interact with them.

The main focus for the event will most likely be her book but I would be surprised to see that she didn’t sing a few songs, although we will have to wait and see since not much info has been released yet.

Hopefully fans reserve their tickets as soon as possible for this event since it seems like a great chance for Koha fans to support her.

The event will be on 3/13 at Yokohama BLITZ.

M-Line Post About Koharu’s FC Event




2 responses

11 12 2010

I wanna go to this sooooo much <3

11 12 2010

OMG! When I saw the pic, I GASPED!!

Koharu looks sooo BEAUTIFUL!! *O*

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