C-ute Concert Tour 2010 ~Dance Special!! “Chou UraNAITO!~” DVD Cover Released

10 12 2010

The cover for C-ute’s Concert Tour 2010 ~Dance Special!! “Chou UraNAITO!~! DVD has been released.

For the most part the cover features a bright blue and pink neon colored theme with 5 boxes featuring shots of each one of the members performing along with the logo for the tour in the middle next to Airi, and even though the colors seem a bit too bright in some places I have to admit that I really love how it looks overall.

The neon theme does fit in with the dance theme of the tour, which is great since it combines well with the logo, and even though the background seems a bit empty (since it seems to feature only a black background with a few stars with C-ute on it) I love the way the cover looks since it catches the eye easily.

Hopefully fans already have their copy reserved since this seems like a great release for C-ute fans.

The release date is set for 12/22.

Neowing Page For C-ute’s DVD



2 responses

11 12 2010

Using those poses, I think switching Nakky and Mai around would’ve made this much more impressive. =3
Other than that, I don’t have anything to say XD

13 12 2010

Nakky and Maimai are the only ones with good shots XD Chisa’s is decent but Maimi and Airi looks so tired D=

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